The Bean 513
The Bean 513
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Hello-  we should have things back to normal- as for what normal is i am not sure. The slugs are off… but i checked and the sequence is correct. So it goes in order.

This page hits kinda home for me. In more ways then one. I never realized I would be in a similar situation as Fencer is with his dad. I drew this page months ago and yet a little over 3 weeks ago, I sat with my own father pondering his fate after the accident. It was a surreal experience for me and one I would not like to repeat.  As for the update on my father, he is sore and doing well, walking on his own. We get to go to sentencing of the drunk driver on friday. My children who were in the wreck were invited to go, only my son wants to be there. I can understand that. I am looking forward when this trial is all over.

Well I need to get back to building up my reserve. This ordeal has all but exhausted my reserve, so now it is back to the grindstone…

keep creating



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Jim » 23 Aug 2013 » Reply

So sorry to hear about your father. I’m glad he is up and about. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery? I know this is exhausting emotionally and physically.

Still enjoying this comic! I love the artwork and the story!

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