The Bean 514
The Bean 514
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Still struggling with a couple of comments not moving over to their correct pages- haven’t figured that yet. Other than that- we keep trudging along.

Mind you this a rough… so there are grammar errors and spelling errors at times. When the books go to print this is all corrected


Just_IDD » 26 Aug 2013 » Reply

Trav, first bubble you’re not your.

The ‘back’ doesn’t belong to Fencer. He has returned — you are back. Thus you’re.

That’s how it was done in the days of yore. Now I’m just being silly.

    Robert » 26 Aug 2013 » Reply

    Actually, he merely needs to remove the r. He already has the are in there, although it is a matter of preference as to which style he wants. If we are being picky, a comma after back might be a good idea too.

    Your yore and you’re made your point fairly well though!

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