The Bean 583
The Bean 583
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The Chainéd One » 15 May 2014 » Reply

I like this adventure! C'mon Bean, what's behind door number 2?

Seireadan Nailo » 15 May 2014 » Reply

At the same time, here are a bunch of unknowns coming to the city. Say a population of 5,000 now with all the farmers, hunters, and outside people who made it here somehow. Very easy to double the population of the city. if they were city people they would be already inside. So no housing, food, latrines, or jobs for these people. Sickness comes really quickly in these kinds of situations. And that causes all sorts of new problems…

Glenn » 12 May 2014 » Reply

Maybe they're corrupt enough to shake everybody down for valuables, and make them pay to enter the walled city. They could also be looking for spies among the refugees. Otter probably knows someone who can expedite matters for Bean and herself.

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    Well Culver's Gulch does have a reputation to uphold:)

      The Chainéd One » 15 May 2014 » Reply

      …or downhold, as the case may be!

      From what I remember of classical myths and legends, such travelers would leave after getting more than they bargained for- at a much higher price than they expected to pay, though.

      This is epic storytelling. Epic.

Celidah » 12 May 2014 » Reply

I'm getting an Ellis Island vibe here.

    trav » 13 May 2014 » Reply

    a little bit. I also think they have to keep order- you never know if the enemy will try and sneak in – spies etc….

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