The Bean 584
The Bean 584
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Thomas » 19 May 2014 » Reply

"No one passes this gate without my leave. And I'll take my leave right now." Exit stage right.

Ruthie » 19 May 2014 » Reply

Otter's thinking "Please, do try to make me do anything I don't want to right now. I have plenty of pent-up frustrations I'm just dying to release. By all means, keep pushing my buttons." I do love coming back to Bean after not reading for awhile, lots of new pages to read. And re-read. And, now I need to get out my books and read them all again. 😀

Hoomi » 19 May 2014 » Reply

Otter does not look happy. I don't think it would be good to be the person that made her unhappy.

lmhwjs » 19 May 2014 » Reply

I get the feeling they know each other . . .
but I'm probably way off base.

Random Guy » 19 May 2014 » Reply

Uh, Yup.

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