The Bean 591
The Bean 591
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I am amazed that we are hitting the 600 mark. It is really exciting. Also a big thanks to all those that supporting the Coloring of the Bean through the Patreon Campaign. I am working on the next two pages and there will be spoiler art posted and news posted in the Patreon secret blog. We cannot do this without you. You can also read the comic from the beginning in color- how I wanted it to be and how I see it.

Keep creating – keep drawing



wnp » 10 Jul 2014 » Reply

I suppose that as a representative of Whitehall, Otter can expect accomodations to be provided. Else she already knows where to go.

If the captain of the guard is doing his job properly Loukin should know without spies that she is there with company. How close to him personally he will probaly arrange himself.

Roy » 7 Jul 2014 » Reply

Panel 3: Who's should be whose.

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