The Bean 592
The Bean 592
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So close to 600- wow and then we continue on.

Also there will be color updates this week as well. I love how color makes the Bean’s world so much richer. Also thank you to those new patreon donors. You are making the coloring of the Bean possible. If you want to join in and be part of this great adventure just click the patreon link.

keep creating



Roy » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply

Last Panel: Good – This [is] where your true training as a prince begins. I also notice that quite a few speech bubbles are missing terminal punctuation, such as the ? in Bean's bubble in panel 1.

Ruthie » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply

Let the training of the young Prince of Dishwashers begin! 😀 Page 600 is an awesome milestone by the way, looking forward to these next several pages

sfbell09 » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply

Otter seems a bit cynical about how the political system works or she's highly observant of how politicians work. Either way, I hope Bean takes good notes.

    Denita TwoDragons » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply

    It strikes me more as she's a lot more familiar with the ins and outs of political intrigue than she has let on in the past. Like as in, a *lot* more familiar. Hmmmm…

    That said, Trav…I spotted a minor grammatical error, bro. Which is impressive given my lack of sleep and uncaffeinated brain functions. 😉 "he seems cares" should probably be "he seems to care"…or was it "he loves Care Bears?" 🙂

      trav » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply

      i'll fix that later 🙂 and bean should take good notes I agree.

      trav » 14 Jul 2014 » Reply


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