The Bean 595
The Bean 595
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I am so loving this section. Might have found one of my new favorite characters.

I hope you are enjoying my adventure- And thank you to everyone that are helping with funding the coloring the bean.

So if you want to read the bean in color- just click the beginning

Keep creating




John » 12 Aug 2014 » Reply

His time is valuable and not "to" be wasted… Missing the "to" me thinks.


Karyl » 8 Aug 2014 » Reply

I think that the reason I was confused about the comic's continuation is that there's a broken link on page 547, at least with Firefox. Obviously I have caught up now! I mistrust this guy as much as our Helixshire does.

Guest » 5 Aug 2014 » Reply

Slight artistic criticism. Very slight. Upper right panel. The mouth on the elf seneschal is odd to me.
At first I thought "did he sprout a soul patch?" or "maybe a sudden detour into anime chiba-style mouth?"
It's only because the rest of your work is great that I notice.

–Anonymous Cowardly Critic

    The Puck 1 » 7 Aug 2014 » Reply

    Its just the evil of the Trusted Servant coming out when he thinks no one is looking. Or its the angle.

      Denita TwoDragons » 7 Aug 2014 » Reply

      Yeah, I was thinking he was just thrusting his lower jaw out a bit and pursing his lips. Sort of a combination arrogant sneer and thinly-veiled feigned commiseration. Sort of Tim Curry-ish.

      …aaaaand now I mentally hear him speaking in Tim Curry's voice, and it so very very very much fits…

        Guest » 9 Aug 2014 » Reply

        Ha! I totally agree. Tim Curry, like from Legend.

        –Anonymous Cowardly Critic

        P.S.: Although, Tim Curry from Rocky Horror gives a… different… vibe <shudder>.

Hoomi » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

"We wouldn't want the lad to miss all the fun, now would we?" Oh, be careful what you wish for… you never know just what kind of "fun" the lad might spring on you…

Celidah » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

Yep, that does it. I definitely mentally "hear" all Malik's lines in Jafar's voice.

sfbell09 » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

Oooo, burn Helixshire….

Denita TwoDragons » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

The more I see this Thalmor wannabe, the more I look forward to Otter and Bean opening a supersize can of kick-butt all up on his arrogant face.

Art » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

"No need for babble" he says after he rambles on…this comic just keeps getting better.

    Denita TwoDragons » 4 Aug 2014 » Reply

    Oh, but of course *his* babble isn't really babble…he's merely condescending to explain everything to a person of "lesser intelligence" than him… 😉

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