The Bean 596
The Bean 596
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Can you believe it- just 4 updates away from comic 600. All I can say is wow…. Just wow and what a ride and I am still going strong. This has been fun and the story is getting so much deeper and what is most important is I am having so much fun creating it.

Thanks for everyone’s support-

Keep Creating




Laura » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

This guy gives me the creeps–which is weird for my usual fantasy reads, where the elves are the trust-worthy good guys. If I were Otter, I wouldn't be staying at all!!!
Great and awesome comic!! Super-love it! 😀

    Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

    🙂 i believe not all elves are trustworthy 🙂 that in my opinion makes for more interesting story-telling. Tolkien did that as well in his other books- just look at feanor and his sons… they themselves were not good elves.

    wnp » 16 Aug 2014 » Reply

    No more than all people are trustworthy. Loukin may be being manipulated but it is difficult to tell by whom. After seeing how short and to the point Otter has been his hoping they would be staying longer is merely flattery, much rambling indeed might as well though while walking rather than marching quietly to the Throne of malcontent. The exchange shows self indulgence too something Otter is well aware of and a dangerous trait as loyalties shift quickly in those who are selfish.

The Puck 1 » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

Please correct "It will have to be our loss than" to "It will have to be our loss then".

Also, the wave of evil is palpable…

    Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

    and some people just ooze evil…. but are they?

      Denita TwoDragons » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

      Ooooh, the idea of the creepy Thalmor-looking elf being the *good* guy??? Dude, you keep that up and I'll end up donating organs to finance your artistic independence!

        Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

        keep your organs my friend:) Yet I try to make things unique…

          Denita TwoDragons » 12 Aug 2014 »

          I and my kidneys thank you for your endeavors. 😀

Frankfurter » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

Panel two "..most finest…" is redundant. Granted people talk that way but if this elf is educated it is a bit out of character. It should either be most fine of just finest but not both. And tell me to shut up if I am being a grammarnazi.

sfbell09 » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

I am enjoying the build up to the reveal of Loukin. Sometimes it is hard to wait week to week for updates. Small note, I believe the last word in the last panel should be: then.

    Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

    I know- I just have to continue to feed my family- so i take a lot of freelance work. As the patreon picks up i will have to grab less freelance and be able to do more pages… Yet there is so much going on and if you get a chance – check out the beginning pages- bean is getting a whole new feel.

      sfbell09 » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

      Please don't think I am complaining, it is simply that I enjoy The Bean very much (it's up there with Dr. Who for me.) Your work is terrific and I hope and pray for your continuing success.

        Trav the bean » 11 Aug 2014 » Reply

        i know you are not- and i appreciate all your wonderful comments and suggestions. I want you to know i am working really hard to make it possible so we get a lot more updates:) I really enjoy that you rate me up there with dr.who

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