The Bean 603
The Bean 603
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Well, we are back from the Long Beach Comic Con. Had a great time, and I will be posting more about that in the next day or two.

Plus a really big announcement in the next few days.

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The Puck 1 » 29 Sep 2014 » Reply

Calling it now… They are going to be followed and watched.

    Trav the bean » 29 Sep 2014 » Reply

    are you sure….

      wnp » 3 Oct 2014 » Reply

      I´m sure it is already in the works and failing miserably. This section is much like "The count of Monte Cristo", Alexandre Dumas & Auguste Maquet.

      q'Tzal » 4 Oct 2014 » Reply

      I'd wager they're followed by someone.
      The forces in power, their lackies taking initiative, goblin spies, organized crime's professional stalkers or just pickpockets that don't recognize biting off more than they can chew.

Denita TwoDragons » 29 Sep 2014 » Reply

"May I ask where you are staying in the city…just in case trouble arises. Er, I mean puppies. Just in case I want to send you a crate of nice, harmless puppies. With big shiny red bows on them."

    Trav the bean » 29 Sep 2014 » Reply

    well they need puppies. those are important to have.

      Denita TwoDragons » 2 Oct 2014 » Reply

      Yes! And high in protein, too!

      Oh, wait, you mean we're not supposed to *eat* them?! *burp* oops…

      (Obligatory disclaimer message: Puppies are for cuddling, not eating. Eating puppies is not endorsed by Denita TwoDragons. Seriously. Not ever. Because that's just awful.)

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