The Bean 602
The Bean 602
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10483277_10152727027124470_6787424622782278372_nThe adventure moves on – this is a big week for us as well. There are a lot of projects going on – including an adventure at the long beach comic con this weekend- where I will be a guest at.

So if you are in the area this weekend come on by for some free sketches and all sorts of other goodies.

Also I am working hard on coloring the bean. It is looking sooo good. Thank you again for all the support. You guys are incredible.

And who’s your favorite character so far?

Just thought I would ask.




Leslie » 2 Oct 2014 » Reply

My favorite character so far was Siv! Second Papa or Roc Noc.

wnp » 27 Sep 2014 » Reply

Let me try for another prediction the place is the one with the lady bouncer. Otter knows where she´s safe especially from prying eyes.

Verethragna » 25 Sep 2014 » Reply

Just finished reading this comic, it was great : )

Is there a link that always points to the newest page?

@calvsie » 23 Sep 2014 » Reply


Megaben » 22 Sep 2014 » Reply

"This is city, as you have heard, can be a dangerous place" should lose the "is". Love the page!

    trav » 23 Sep 2014 » Reply

    fixed and i am glad you like it

Denita TwoDragons » 22 Sep 2014 » Reply

…and here comes the "You're a nice person, it would be a shame if anything lethal happened to you" gambit…

sfbell09 » 22 Sep 2014 » Reply

Well my creep-o-meter just pegged. Though, I suppose he could just be lonely and wants their company.

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