The Bean 609
The Bean 609
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dreambigadScanner is now up and running- sorry for the late update. Just got back from tucson comic con- so i am also getting back in the groove. A lot of great things are happening.




Olvidado » 12 Nov 2014 » Reply

So who's sleeping in the tub tonight?

Odo » 11 Nov 2014 » Reply

I call a guest appearance by Jenny Everywhere.

Ray Bingham » 10 Nov 2014 » Reply

Three pieces of jade for a room!? that's a fortune! Holee crudola! She must really not want to be bothered.

    Glenn-o-matic » 11 Nov 2014 » Reply

    The big question is can she be trusted? Or will she blab about the mysterious guests who throw jade around? I'm thinking there will be trouble anyway at this Inn, either because of thieves or the hit-men ordered by the Pig-Lord.

    Trav the bean » 14 Nov 2014 » Reply

    would you?

      Glenn-o-matic » 15 Nov 2014 » Reply

      -Trust her? I'd prefer not to have to. Staying in a public inn is a bad choice. Better if they found a dark alley somewhere and took turns sleeping. But I suspect that being at the inn works into the story in a nice way…

Glenn-o-matic » 10 Nov 2014 » Reply

The girl in panel 1 has goggles… aviator goggles?

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