The Bean 610
The Bean 610
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dreambigad I’m excited… really excited – I just love where the story is at right now and where it is going. I am also prepping the Chapters 13-16 for Book 4. This Kickstarter will start in January. I am really jazzed about this, because book 4 has been a long time coming. I understand that there are people no longer reading online because they are waiting for the next book. I completely respect that.  I am working on cover art as well. This will still be a b/w book. I have to let it stay in tune with the current book format.

Thank you again for all your support.

Keep creating and I will keep you informed on what is happening with the next kickstarter.




Dweeve » 21 Nov 2014 » Reply

the angular composition of line and core darks is notable. I want to see the page it faces with out of curiosity of the effect on the spread/

Ruthie » 17 Nov 2014 » Reply

Aww! Can't help it. Bean looks like a cute little kid all worn out after a long day. And, yes, I know that feeling well when one flops onto a big pile of pillows and clean sheets when your muscles are super sore and all you can think about is sleep. I wonder if Otter will give him a hard time about letting his guard down or some other such correction… or will she let her soft side get the better of her, and actually be nice (I think she secretly wants to be a lot nicer to Bean and others, but doesn't purely for survival reasons). I really like this page. Go Bean!!

    Denita TwoDragons » 18 Nov 2014 » Reply

    Judging by that maternal smile, she'll probably let it slide this time. She can be hard at times but she's very fair too.

    Poor kiddo, I've seen my own sons do that after a very hard and busy day!

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