The Bean 612
The Bean 612
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dreambigadGood morning, I hope everyone’s holiday was peaceful and full of warmth and gratitude.

I am currently working on finishing the art to book 4. I am almost done with it and I am looking forward to finally launching the kickstarter for this book. I am really excited about how it has progressed. Both in character development and in story. I never expected that a tale about a dishwasher could be so much fun.

Also until dec5 everything in my store is 20% off. Just use this coupon “20OFFTRAV” .

Patreon is still doing well in helping the comic get colored and if you want to be a part of this adventure and are willing to just donate a $1 per update- I would be very very honored. Thank you again to all those that are currently contributing. You do lighten the burden for me to figure out ways to make it work.

Thank you again and keep creating



ThePuck1 » 6 Dec 2014 » Reply

Bean, try not to get in the way of the assassins she has to kill.

Bud » 2 Dec 2014 » Reply

Aw man! I have to wait a week for the next update!

Celidah » 1 Dec 2014 » Reply

Crap's about to get real.

Mike C. » 1 Dec 2014 » Reply

You've tagged Ravna as a character in this installment.

    Ruthie » 2 Dec 2014 » Reply

    Well, at least that explains why Bean can feel so comfortable around a blade-wielding wild woman. 😀 Home Sweet Home, complete with that ever-present sensation of knowing someone is probably out to get you. The Silver Dagger may not have been the most ideal place to grow up, but it did prepare Bean for a few things in life 🙂

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