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The Bean 611
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dreambigadGood morning…

Today’s question is who is your favorite character at the moment and why?

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LittleOne » 28 Nov 2014 » Reply

Unfortunately, they are all "characters," so it's hard to pick. None are glossed over. All have great story development, even short-time visitors like the gal who owns the inn Otter and Bean are currently visiting. Our protagonists didn't just show up at her door; we got to see a bit of her personality and character before their arrival. So, I like them all. But, I do have some "extra" fondness for Bean, Otter and Siv.

dubiuousbyhabit » 26 Nov 2014 » Reply

Favorite character? Not sure I can answer that, Trav. You create them so smartly and believably it's hard to choose. I will say that I really appreciate Bean as a title character and main protagonist. Unlike so many "chosen" or "destined" characters, he never comes across as whiny or arrogant. He doesn't constantly ask "why me? Why do I have to be the one to save the world?" Nor does he assume his destiny makes him invincible, requiring an attitude-adjusting butt-whooping before he gets his act together. He's just this surprisingly resourceful kid, going along with where fate takes him.

The Puck 1 » 26 Nov 2014 » Reply

The Ogre who rhymes all the time

Megaben » 25 Nov 2014 » Reply

Favourite character would have to be Theron. Not superpowered, magical, or touched by destiny; just a man who loves his wife and is handy with an axe. (It's a good axe.)

sfbell09 » 25 Nov 2014 » Reply

I think Otter has grown on me. She's smart, confident and focused.

Brett » 24 Nov 2014 » Reply

Bean. He is Frodo with even Sam to help him.

    Brett » 24 Nov 2014 » Reply

    Sorry, without even Sam.

Denita TwoDragons » 24 Nov 2014 » Reply

And here they come…

(Either that, or they're the local Society Of Batman Admirers 😉 )

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