The Bean 615
The Bean 615
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Good morning- I just want to wish everyone a wonderful and merry christmas.

Be kind, compassionate and be grateful this year.




Roy » 24 Dec 2014 » Reply

Merry Christmas!

Jason King » 23 Dec 2014 » Reply

I love that this young boy now has blood on his blade. I understand why movies don't let young people hold guns or kill, but sometimes young people need to stop being afraid and be heroes. It doesn't hurt that its not really him doing it.

pencilsandstories » 23 Dec 2014 » Reply

Haha, I love the dude in the first panel who`s poking his head around the corner like: "whutt?"

And the fact that you told us to be kind, compassionate and grateful beneath the page of rage. 😛 A very merry christmas and a great and creative 2015 for you too Travis!

Denita TwoDragons » 22 Dec 2014 » Reply

Can O' Whoopa$$ has officially been opened! Dine heartily, assassins! 😀

And MERRY CHRISTMAS from the heart of Texas, Trav! Hope yours is stress-free and full of great surprises! 🙂

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