The Bean 616
The Bean 616
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20 years ago today – One gorgeous lady said she was willing to spend eternity with me. What an incredible adventure it has been. Literally through thick and thin. We have struggled, cried, laughed, dreamed and hoped together. It has been one of the most incredible rides I have ever been on and I am so grateful that she came into my life and wanted to be part of it. 20 years of marriage, 5 beautiful kids, and some big dreams have made me a better man. Here is to eternity, because I can’t see my future without you by my side, whereever and whatever it might be. I sure love you Janell and thank you for saying “I do” 20 years ago today.

She has sure put up with a lot. Comics, art, and some weird foods and quirks, but for some awesome reason she continues to hang out with me. I am a very lucky guy.

Happy Anniversary my love-


Ruthie » 5 Jan 2015 » Reply

Happy Anniversary!

Jason King » 3 Jan 2015 » Reply

I agree, on Dec 29 I was married for all of Eternity as well. It has been 15 years now, and it was well worth the wait.

LittleOne » 1 Jan 2015 » Reply

20 years? Wow! Congratulations and happy New Year to both of you and de chillun', too!

Garvin » 30 Dec 2014 » Reply

First: Happy Anniversary!

Second, on the actual comic, this fight isn't turning out the way anyone involved envisioned is it?

rfaramir » 30 Dec 2014 » Reply

Congrats on 20 years and 5 kids and being a better man!

Brett » 29 Dec 2014 » Reply

Poor Bean.

Happy Anniversary though!

Denita TwoDragons » 29 Dec 2014 » Reply

Happy Anniversary, you two!! ^_^

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