The Bean 618
The Bean 618
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travis hanson new kickstarter

Yup I am hoping to have everything up and ready by late next week. If you want to see a sneak peak, or get a preview of what this kickstarter is all about come check it out. I am in the graphics and layout stages, so it has not been edited, but the rewards are basically done and things are moving forward. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


Here is the secret link…

Secret kickstarter preview link…!


John H » 13 Jan 2015 » Reply

The juxtaposition of dark and light in these panels is amazing, Trav. Very well done!

sfbell09 » 13 Jan 2015 » Reply

Panels 1 and 2 are fantastic. They certainly set the mood for the dialog and bring a knife's edge to the tension. Love It!

Celidah » 12 Jan 2015 » Reply

Plot twist!

Jack » 12 Jan 2015 » Reply

I think you want "It was not us, Helixshire, who abandoned the King during his betrayal."

Very interesting development, though!

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