The Bean 619
The Bean 619
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Good morning. I am working hard on finishing up the kickstarter for book 4- I have a video to finish which I will be working on this week as well as edits, clean up and all other sorts creative goodness. I should be launching soon- very very soon. If you want a preview of the kickstarter for bean vol 4- just go here  .You can leave comments on how to make it better as well, please do- I want this project to be easy, fun, and clean.

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ThePuck1 » 25 Jan 2015 » Reply

Is there a history of some kind we could read? I mean, who is this "Beast King?" Something to put this into context.

    Just_IDD » 25 Jan 2015 » Reply

    The history you have available are the mighty tomes of bean's gone by.

@theredneb » 22 Jan 2015 » Reply

Just came across your work Trav, WOW it's absolutely fantastic stuff!!! I'm glad I found it! 🙂

Odo » 21 Jan 2015 » Reply

OK — who has the axe???? I sense another player in this standoff.

    Just_IDD » 25 Jan 2015 » Reply

    Ooo oooo Thorin had an axe. Did he finally catch up?

Dexoy » 19 Jan 2015 » Reply

Check the verbiage in the very first speech bubble: "You would have armies that unopposed to command my king"

That doesn't make sense – I think you left some words out or something.

hoomi2 » 19 Jan 2015 » Reply

I suspect having the Beast King by his side would be a temporary arrangement, just long enough for the Beast King or one of his agents to dispatch Bean to the Great Beyond…

Denita TwoDragons » 19 Jan 2015 » Reply


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