The Bean 637
The Bean 637
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Today’s update-  – well since i am coloring the comic from here on out- i need to start to going backwards as well to make sure this new chapter is in full color. It is a little bit of work – but in the end it is sooooo worth it. I’ll be updating these pages as I can. I hope you enjoy it.

Keep creating.




Ruthie » 28 May 2015 » Reply

*Gollum!* *Gollum!* *What has Fencer got in his pocketses?* Space Gollum? I'm okay with that. I still don't know where this new discovery will mean for the story, but I'm getting exponentially more excited with each new page 😀

Dvon E » 25 May 2015 » Reply

“Ranva”? in character list.

Denita: There’s always the ‘ancient race woke up’ theory, too.

eszek Cyfer » 25 May 2015 » Reply

This shines new light on the story of this world 🙂

    Denita TwoDragons » 25 May 2015 » Reply

    I've been convinced for a good long while, that this is a post-apocalyptic Earth which suffered a terrible battle and the return of magic. We'll see, though…! 🙂

sfbell09 » 25 May 2015 » Reply

I have a small suggestion regarding Paddinaulk's first couple of bubbles. Would it make sense to drop the first 'yet' from his speech bubbles? Two in a row seems repetitive, and in my opinion taking the first one out makes the second one act like the conclusion of a storyteller's dramatic pause. Only a thought. Thanks for creating such a captivating tale that I get caught trying to imagine the cadence and flow of the character's speech. 😉

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