The Bean 638
The Bean 638
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Good afternoon-

First off I bet you notice something different…. Well I would like to talk about the direction of the Bean, and one of the hardest choices I have ever had to face about my comic.

I got back from 2 Huge comic shows in a 10 day period. I am little tired, but I feel very very blessed with what came out of those shows. There was a bit of stability, a bit knowledge, a few tears, many smiles, lots of a free sketches and some clarity.  Clarity on something I have been struggling with for many many days.

You see this is a business for me as well as a passion. I love telling this story. I love it’s potential and love where it is going. I also b/w comics. I have a strong passion for them, yet I love color as well. Over the past 6 months I have had sooooo many stores want the Bean on their shelves. Yet they only want it in color, they will not carry the books in black and white.  It’s quite saddening, watching the demise of b/w comics these days.  Yet the bar is being raised by webcomic artist all over the grid, and they are telling some incredible stories. I’m being left behind, and part of what makes a creator successful, is their ability to adapt. Something I know how to do.

So for my story to survive I need to move forward and do as girl genius did and go color midstream and also continue coloring the 1st 4 books. I have even noticed my fans are asking for color. I understand the age. So after talking with my dear flatner, we have going forward with it. There will be some bumps, but once I get my scheduled laid out, you will see that is the best thing for this story. I can see it already.

I feel it in my gut- that first impression that this is the right thing. I will need your help and your support. If you want to join my patreon… please do that will help – but I determined to keep this story going- to give it the love it richly deserves – to help it move forward so more people can enjoy it.

I have also decided that to make this work and get a book out each year- that I will make them two chapters long instead of four. They will stay in the same size format. Once I get to that point though I will let you know how we will continue. I am in talks to make this work, but I think I will continue to kickstart the books.

Anyways – this was not an easy choice for me. It will mean more work – which I willing to do, and it will also mean more opportunities for me to support my family and get this story into more people’s hands. Thank you again for all of your support. If this frustrates my fans that after book 4 it will only be in color I am really sorry, I just have to survive.

Keep creating



arphaus » 11 Sep 2015 » Reply

I find the comic a lot easier to look at it in color. In B&W it's so stark as to be almost blaring. It's also hard to differentiate between some elements in panels in B&W. And the Bean is so lush that it really benefits from the color.

Olivier » 20 Jun 2015 » Reply

It's sad that the decision to colorize should have been forced by the market instead of being an artistic one. I personally was fine with b&w. Having said that it's still the same comic, even if some fine detail is lost compared to b&w.

Out of curiosity, is the color process completely different or is it a post-processing step on top of a b&w drawing and if the latter then why don't you just post both versions?

Mike C. » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

^^^ What they all said. (except the part about being related to your flattener ;] ) I supported your initial decision to go for B/W, and I support your decision now to go color. There are tradeoffs, but none that aren't manageable. The story and the art are great. As you say, "keep creating." Please.

    Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

    lol – i doubt it. I agree and dont worry i will always keep creating.

Karla Duarte » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

Your flatner just happens to be my "baby" girl. I am so proud and thank you for giving her this opportunity.

goosefairy » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

Well, this was the push I needed to join patreon.

Talondale » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

Although I like the color I think I prefer the B/W better. But I've always liked pencil sketches better than the color finished products as color often hides a lot of line details. Don't be discouraged though it is what it is and you have to play to the market.

    Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

    i know- and the story is still being told and that is very very important to me

goosefairy » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

I was so afraid you were going to say you were stopping the bean. Whew! Personally I love the color and am thrilled you are going in this direction. It *will* mean I'll have to repurchase the first 4 books though. Something I'm willing to do. It will just mean I'll have to save up for it!

    Denita TwoDragons » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

    Same here! I was so worried The Bean was going to be put on indefinite hold or scrapped! Trav, you do what you gotta do, OK? Your fans love you, we're here for you, we'll be here for you no matter what!

      Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

      no worries that is not happening- we are not scrapping this story- ever.

    Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

    That i would never do. and I will make sure i take extra care on the books for you. 🙂 promise

@JMANARTIST » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

Not only am I fan, I understand your situation as a creator and appreciate the level of thought and transparency in which you are applying to it. I often look at The Bean and what you are doing as inspiration in my own journey to create. I think you will find that most, if not all of your fans will support your decision so that they can continue to enjoy your work and stay connect to the story.

    Trav the bean » 3 Jun 2015 » Reply

    you are welcome- I think the transparency is important. I want my fans to feel a part of what is going on and no surprises. I want the story to continue and allow people to be a part of it. Some will not agree… but I am finding that most have been very very supportive.

Terri » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

Here to help:)

Scott » 1 Jun 2015 » Reply

Just let us know what we can do to help!

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2015 » Reply

    thank you sir 🙂 I appreciate it- right now having your support is incredible.

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