The Bean 639
The Bean 639
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See – i am not lying… it was not an april fools joke… Bean is really going to color. Right now I am coloring from both ends of the story:) Which is going to take a lot of work. Yet at the end of the day it will be worth it. In fact because of the color I am seeing new scenes and stronger development. If you want to support the coloring process visit my patreon site. Every little bit helps.

As I said before, my choice to go forward in color was not an easy one. Yet, it is one that is based on giving bean more life and increase the stories fan base. The bigger it gets the more opportunities will be created for me to go back to multiple updates. I would love to get back to 3 days a week – personally. To do that I have to make the comic even more appealing. The story and the format is unique, and the color only makes it better.

One of my personal goals, is to make sure that there is transparency in my production with the fans. I’ve always tried to be honest and open and as things change, I think communication is the key. Do I have to do this, not really, but I want to. So many other people have invested a lot in me and my story that I am honored to keep you all in the loop.

The one thing I hope you see, is that I don’t give up. I keep pushing forward, I keep adapting. If you want to do a story or a webcomic, you need to make those efforts to adapt, and to not give up. I believe in this tale. I hope you do as well.

Keep creating




CarrieVS » 2 Jan 2017 » Reply

Did they delve too greedily and too deep? What did they awake in the darkness?

Adam » 12 Jun 2015 » Reply

I initially fell in love with the first set of color pages. Black and White is good and an interesting artistic choice, but for me the color pages helped me really feel the depth. The little differences in shading take what in black and white appears (to me) as just foreground or background to something so deep and full and it really brings a lot more of the world to life. Please understand these are my opinions, but I also want you to know that I really really enjoy the colored pages. I've even been meaning to go back and read the previous pages you've been coloring too, when I find the time (though I think I kid myself … time… free time .. heh). Again, thanks for the fantastic work.

Ruthie » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

As much as I love the Black and White, I am really liking these new color pages. Already, some things I've been curious about are making sense now, and the color adds new depth to each scene that I really enjoy. Thank you for all the hard work!

    Trav the bean » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

    so what things are your curious about- now i am curious…. what is making more sense?

      Ruthie » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

      Throughout The Bean, there have been times when I had difficulty telling what's what in the underground scenes. Namely, when there is a dark object, but also shadows. With these "ships" in the last few pages, that hasn't been such an issue, but with the addition of color it is much clearer what is shadow and what is structure. That said, now that I look at these last few pages more carefully, I have a lot more questions than I did before. I am wondering why the "ships" look more like natural caves with naturally formed columns. It makes me wonder if these ships were originally constructed this way, or where later altered when the earthdwellers were exploring. Ack, now I'm really not sure what these ships are all about, but they are super awesome. Please, continue to be ambiguous and mysterious. It's more fun that way

        Trav the bean » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

        I love that things are ambiguous… i plan to keep them that way… though one day i might reveal all 🙂 What is exciting is I am starting to answer questions now in the story that began a long time ago.

LittleOne » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

Ya know, those guys/critters/whatever in the last panel do NOT look ominous at all, do they? Mighty friendly lookin' fellers, they are! Hope they brought punch and cookies for our travellers, who might be hungry, but I suspect all they brought along was lots of punch (and kick).

    Trav the bean » 8 Jun 2015 » Reply

    Punch and cookies would be nice but prob not likely 🙂

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