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The Bean 640
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I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments, your support reminds me that there are very good people out there- I have had a lot on my mind since the car was stolen last night and a lot to ponder about.

A few main thoughts have gone through my head over and over again. The first is what do I need to learn? What does god want to teach me? There are many emotions that I can express, but at the end of the day it is the realization that I might not be able to control the circumstances, but I can choose how I will react to them.

So how will I react?

Well for one- I forgive the guy that did this to us. I hold no malice or ill-will. His soul is more troubled than mine, and I pray that he will one day get the help he needs. Forgiveness, means I don’t dwell on it either. There are things that will have to be done, formalities, etc… but I still am not going to wish an eye for eye… no, for me to grow as a human being, I need to be better and realize that a grudge is not worth it. It’s a load of bricks I do not wish nor will I carry. He will have to deal with the consequences of his actions, not I, nor am I the judge. For me- I will move on, I will be in good spirits and look at the blessings I already have. I do not know what the future god has planned for me and my family, I do know that he has one though.

So with that being said- I will tell you that I am at peace, with my thoughts and myself. It’s amazing how letting go of a desire of revenge and anger could be so freeing to one’s soul.

Next – In the great scheme and plan of things, that car was a temporal possession. It’s not crucial to my salvation, nor is it crucial to my future. It is an annoyance that I have to work around the situation, spend a little extra money on a very tight budget, yet is an opportunity to allow me to receive and appreciate the kindness of others. It is teaching me that I need to be more kind to others in tight situations and empathetic to others needs. It’s all about who is my brother or sister and how can i ease their burden, which in turns eases mine.

So I am learning, I can be taught. I am grateful not for the event, but the lessons I am learning as an individual. That even in trying times it is not as bad as it seems. That there is always hope, that the situation will change and that trials are to help me grow and maybe humble me as an individual so that I remember that in the great scheme of things it is not about me… but about others.

To the individual who caused us a little grief. May you yourself find peace. May you find hope in your own situation, that maybe one day you can past the need or desperation to take from others. I hold no grudge against you. No hatred nor anger. Because you do not control my emotions, I do. Because I control my emotions I can forgive and move on, with faith that I and my family will be take care of.

Thank you all once again for the words of encouragement and the love and the kindness. At the moment I do not know what I need except maybe a hug, a smile and a hope that you to will continue to look for opportunities to serve others.