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I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments, your support reminds me that there are very good people out there- I have had a lot on my mind since the car was stolen last night and a lot to ponder about.

A few main thoughts have gone through my head over and over again. The first is what do I need to learn? What does god want to teach me? There are many emotions that I can express, but at the end of the day it is the realization that I might not be able to control the circumstances, but I can choose how I will react to them.

So how will I react?

Well for one- I forgive the guy that did this to us. I hold no malice or ill-will. His soul is more troubled than mine, and I pray that he will one day get the help he needs. Forgiveness, means I don’t dwell on it either. There are things that will have to be done, formalities, etc… but I still am not going to wish an eye for eye… no, for me to grow as a human being, I need to be better and realize that a grudge is not worth it. It’s a load of bricks I do not wish nor will I carry. He will have to deal with the consequences of his actions, not I, nor am I the judge. For me- I will move on, I will be in good spirits and look at the blessings I already have. I do not know what the future god has planned for me and my family, I do know that he has one though.

So with that being said- I will tell you that I am at peace, with my thoughts and myself. It’s amazing how letting go of a desire of revenge and anger could be so freeing to one’s soul.

Next – In the great scheme and plan of things, that car was a temporal possession. It’s not crucial to my salvation, nor is it crucial to my future. It is an annoyance that I have to work around the situation, spend a little extra money on a very tight budget, yet is an opportunity to allow me to receive and appreciate the kindness of others. It is teaching me that I need to be more kind to others in tight situations and empathetic to others needs. It’s all about who is my brother or sister and how can i ease their burden, which in turns eases mine.

So I am learning, I can be taught. I am grateful not for the event, but the lessons I am learning as an individual. That even in trying times it is not as bad as it seems. That there is always hope, that the situation will change and that trials are to help me grow and maybe humble me as an individual so that I remember that in the great scheme of things it is not about me… but about others.

To the individual who caused us a little grief. May you yourself find peace. May you find hope in your own situation, that maybe one day you can past the need or desperation to take from others. I hold no grudge against you. No hatred nor anger. Because you do not control my emotions, I do. Because I control my emotions I can forgive and move on, with faith that I and my family will be take care of.

Thank you all once again for the words of encouragement and the love and the kindness. At the moment I do not know what I need except maybe a hug, a smile and a hope that you to will continue to look for opportunities to serve others.



Hoomi » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

"Fools fly where angels fear tread."

Oh, and thieves suck.

Tobias » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

Thanks for the update, Trav. I'm sorry to learn of your trouble this weekend. I pray it works out well for you, remembering that God works all things to the good of those that love Him. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Thanks also, for living out your faith so publicly. It's not easy, in the face of hardship. But we reflect the glory of God to the world as we (re)act in love when the world would certainly see us a justified to rail against our circumstances.

If you'll allow me a bit of preachy-ness, though, your freely offered forgiveness is unbiblical. I know that statement sounds ridiculous in light of God's forgiveness, and our unmeritted favor in his sight, but please hear me out. Forgiveness implies the restoration of a broken relationship or the elimination of a debt . God's forgiveness of our sin came at great cost. Not to us, certainly, but at Christ's. And it is offered as a free gift to those who accept the gift and repent. And in the end, we have a restored relationship with God.

The thief who stole your car, had no relationship with you (as far as I know) and knows nothing of your forgiveness. He is not repentant of his crime. And he is not likely to call you friend today if he learns of your professed forgiveness. It is, therefore, meaningless.

I think what you mean is that you do not hold a grudge against the man. You do not harbor resentment. That speaks to the rightness of your own relationship with God. Not really of your relationship with the thief. It is good and right for you to let go of anger and resentment and seek God's face through this (minor) trial. I applaud you for it. But save your forgiveness for when the thief repents and asks it. And use it as an opportunity to introduce him to the One who meets all our needs with His great abundance.

God bless.

    Trav the bean » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

    you are right and thank you for sharing your feelings with me.

Ruthie » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

Sorry to hear about your car. I honestly hope you get it back, and if not, that God would provide you with something better. I appreciate your positive attitude and forgiveness of others. Bitterness only hurts you in the long run; forgiving allows you to view the situation with a level head and seek justice over revenge. I do hope this thief will be caught soon, and regardless, that your transportation needs be met.

Glenn-o-matic » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

Sorry, but stealing a person's car is a horrible crime. Your attitude of forgiveness is understandable but it only makes you feel better versus actually addressing the problem. Too many people think stealing is OK and the benefits of crime far outweigh the risks or the consequences. It's a disservice to them (and to you) to not do all you can to provide the kind of negative reinforcement they need. Otherwise you actually encourage this horrible behavior. You need to tighten your security, first of all, to protect yourself from the next time someone just decides to take something you really need from you. Too bad you just didn't have a radio-transmitter installed in your car, or you could just point-out where your car is for the Police. Wouldn't that be FUN?

    Trav the bean » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

    Oh I'm addressing the problem- don't worry on that, and when caught, he will have to deal with the consequences. Consequences that will hopefully deter them in the future. I believe in punishment for crime, but I not going to let the situation control me. As for security… it did not help that the car is the most popular stolen car in america and was old. I do not condone or approve of the crime, but I am not going to let it stop me from living life. If i am called to testify i will do that if he is caught. Forgiveness does not mean that the demands of justice are done away. Justice must be served. Forgiveness allows one to move forward.

Denita TwoDragons » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

Wait, what'd I miss?! Trav?! Your car was STOLEN?! Oh man! I'm so glad you're able to forgive the thief! Forgiveness and a right perspective on temporal property is something I still struggle with in my own walk. I hope that one day I will be as mature and able to brush off such matters as you are!

That said, I also hope the thief repents, returns what he has stolen, and lives the rest of his life in keeping with Ephesians 4:28 — "Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need."

As for the comic, I'm really enjoying the depth and added "punch" that the coloring has brought. And I still hope those gollum critters are actually nice, but I'm not holding my breath……. 😉

    Ruthie » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

    These guys look kind of disappointed to me, like "Hey, wait! Aren't you even a little bit curious as to what we've got hidden down here? We were really looking forward to an ambush!"

wnp » 15 Jun 2015 » Reply

hmmm, I think going directly where you want to avoid might be the best refuge.

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