The Bean 641
The Bean 641
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Coming in today from the Las Vegas Comic Con. Full update in a bit, so the blog will change mid day… until then- enjoy the newest page to the story and keep creating.




wnp » 27 Jun 2015 » Reply

I wonder if it is really necessary to break the picture into panels when there is no apparent movement of the characters through the area depicted. Perhaps the moon could be shown in each panel at a different zenith indicating the passage of time which would only be possible in the last 3 panels at most. A snowfall would just be a snow falling and wouldn't depict any passage either.

In previous updates I wondered why Fencer always had his sword out when there was nothing to fight and no roots or cobwebs to clear unless of course he already had cleared them in which case it should be back in his scabbard anyway.

    Trav the bean » 29 Jun 2015 » Reply

    Oh it is needed:) more for personal artist reasons than anything else. i also like that for me it creates distance… they don't have to be perfect and can move the location further and further away.

    as for fencer as you look back he has it out at times and other times it is put away. Usually when he is entering a new location that he is unsure about. As a soldier he has a knack for being prepared.

Ruthie » 26 Jun 2015 » Reply

Oooh, the night sky looks so pretty in color, and the trees also look great. I always like these quiet pages, with no words needing to be said.

Crimson Tailor » 22 Jun 2015 » Reply

Woo thanks for the update Trav, hope you're doing well.

    Trav the bean » 22 Jun 2015 » Reply

    You are welcome- and we are doing well- thank you for asking

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