The Bean 642
The Bean 642
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The kickstarter rewards are going out now. In fact I bet that many of you have now received book 4 already and are devouring it as we speak. A lot of good things are going on here. I have the first two chapters colored. I am looking at kickstarting  the books in color this fall. Something to get it going. I am looking at both a hard cover and a soft cover version. Each colored book will be 90+ pages. I am also ecxcited to see the story going forward in color.

The color is really allowing me to set up some stronger story telling. Especially in determining time and feeling of the world. I must say I love how it is coming out.

More art to come. Looking forward to seeing this story go forward.

Keep creating-




Mike C. » 30 Jun 2015 » Reply

I've been trying to reach you about my Kickstarter package (nothing bad, but I do need to ask you something), but your contact form appears to be broken. When I fill it in and click send, it just takes me to an "about:blank" page, and does not send me a copy of what I wrote (I checked that box). I assume you're also not getting it. This is on Chrome on OS X and Windows 7.

Ruthie » 29 Jun 2015 » Reply

Well, this is what I get for saying the night sky looked pretty… what a great reveal. This is rather ominous, but interesting, because reading this online I had no idea what this second page was going to look like. When this gets printed, it will all be visible at once. I'm enjoying the shocking reveal, going so suddenly from a cold calm underground to a flaming wild battlefield above… and realizing it's all one big panorama. Awesome pages.

    Trav the bean » 30 Jun 2015 » Reply

    🙂 Yeah I like that reveal as well… it makes it sooo much stronger as the colors kinda play with your mind:)

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