The Bean 241
The Bean 241
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Ok 10 pages left to ink for issue 8 -wo-wo!

Now last update we started to cast the different characters of the series. We started with the collector. There were 7 great choices. I was very impressed. So when all the actors have been thrown out there we will start polling on who the perfect cast for a bean movie would be.

This update we will tackle Siv- Remember he is an older gent in his late 40’s prob.  You’ve seen him in action and you have an inkling on his persona… so let’s find the right actor to play him.

Siv….. Best Actor to Portray him …. Why….

Just list your suggestions below and make your case. Looking forward to who you suggest.

Keep on creating –



josh » 30 Sep 2012 » Reply

Liam Neeson

Odo » 9 May 2011 » Reply

I see Daniel Craig as a very possible Siv. He's got the rough good looks, is the right age, and frankly does better at rough-around-the-edges than he does as the suave Bond. He also has the acting chops to pretty much handle expressing any emotion that Siv shows (or hides).

Nerre » 9 May 2011 » Reply

Just saw "Hurt Locker". What about Ralph Fiennes as Siv?

Nerre » 9 May 2011 » Reply

Most of this suggestions sound more fighter-class like, but i think Siv also got some rogue-aspects. This is why i think actors like Hugh Jackman, Dolph Lundgreen, Sean Bean etc. dont fit to good. But i really can imagine Paul Bettany fill up the role very good after i have seen him in some movies.

WHyde » 7 May 2011 » Reply

Val Kilmer – anyone (besides me, that is) remember how he handled a sword in 'Willow'?

turpenstein » 7 May 2011 » Reply

There's some good picks up here. Ron Perlman came to mind, as did Sean Bean.

I'll add Sam Rockwell's name into the discussion. I'll argue that he's hands-down the best actor of the lot – no small accomplishment considering most of the actors previously mentioned. His range is amazing as well (as is his ability to change persona in a snap).

A.C. » 6 May 2011 » Reply

It’s a shame he passed away recently, but a younger Henry Cooper would have made for an excellent Siv in my opinion. Back in the realm of reality however, apart from the already excellent choices given elsewhere, I’d go for Ron Perlman myself.

Yes, yes… I know, he’s a ‘bit old’, but honestly in his case it’s irrelevant, as his charisma and physique would suit Siv down to a tee in any case. Also, his range as an actor is quite astounding, from being the slightly simple but earnest and big-hearted ‘older brother’ in ‘The City of Lost Children’, to being the sarcastic, mean-spirited thug with style in ‘Cronos’, and pretty much everything in between.


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