The Bean 247
The Bean 247
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great day – i  just finished talking at Riverside Community College’s Advanced Photoshop Department. Taught coloring, it was really cool. Enjoyed it.

Ok back to work.

More to come soon.



Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

i believe that not all relationships in books should be shattered ones. I think having a healthy one makes a story just as strong.

Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

I really appreciate this scene. Bean doesn’t have a good father-figure in his life, but Fencer and his father get along great. You can see their devotion to each other and to their family in this scene. The last panel makes me cry a little inside. Great emotion here.

Robert H. » 21 May 2011 » Reply

Just wanted to say you had me hooked from the first- Never read before, and found you from Girl Genius. Love it! Please do keep it up, I love the under cities, the backstory evident in all the art you are drawing, the charachters. I'll be here to see where it goes, I promise you that!

    Trav the bean » 22 May 2011 » Reply

    girl genius? how cool is that- i enjoy that series. where did you see the link? as for keeping it going you bet i am 🙂

      Robert H. » 24 May 2011 » Reply

      I'm an inverterate wanderer of the web- and hit your comic from a link to another (not terribly good, I'm afraid~) one. But essentially from GG. I really like your style- much akin to Sergio Argonnes (SP?) who did groo and a few others. I love all the little hidden faces and small details. Again- thanks, Trav, for sharing your world! If I manage to sell a sword this next weekend, I'll be buying your print set!

        Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

        very cool – i am huge fan of groo- it is a great influence. and you are welcome, I am glad you are enjoying my world. when you order i will make sure everything is signed:)

ChrisJ » 21 May 2011 » Reply

I really admire your use of facial expressions. You show a depth of emotion in your characters that can't be conveyed in words.

Jeff » 20 May 2011 » Reply

Gah why can't I be in school to be able to get awesome stuff like that. Stupid college students getting awesome stuff. Stupid me for graduating college 10 years ago.

I would love to see some notes on your coloring method to be serious for a moment. It really is awesome.

    Trav the bean » 22 May 2011 » Reply

    one day- when i have a little more time i will put something up

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