The Bean 246
The Bean 246
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Ok small casting break.

Issue 8 news – today i should finish all the artwork for issue 8. I am really excited, in fact I knocked out 4 pages yesterday. Which means I will be starting the cover art, which I will post soon.

Also a new print will be introduced on thursday.

There’s been a lot of things to do to prepare for the phoenix comic con next week.

Keep creating



Ehol » 19 May 2011 » Reply

I am afraid to ask, but … WHAT IS A "PER" ?
Did I lose something ? Or maybe it's just that I am non english-native ?

@Rafnasil » 18 May 2011 » Reply

A fork in the road and uncertain destinies contemplated.

Celidah » 18 May 2011 » Reply

No pressure, Fencer. 😉

DadaHyena » 18 May 2011 » Reply

Really love the inking (I know that's something most people don't appreciate, but often it makes or breaks a comic). You've done it marvelously.

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

    thank you- i struggled a long time with my inking- i am happy that struggle has paid off.

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