The Bean 314
The Bean 314
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This week the books should be completed on monday or tuesday and then ship. I am really excited about this.  It so cool to see everything finally come together.



Lene » 25 Oct 2011 » Reply

My kids are crying. Jonathan, 3, wants to take a sword and kill all goblins. He also wants his two Dinosaurs to stomp them to death and his horse to set them on fire. (He has a flying, fire breathing Horse with lots of sharp teeth.) Johanna, 5, tries to comfort him. She envisions Siv sitting on a cloud, being totally happy because being dead he gets to have wings and can fly. (their Great-Grandmother has died recently and I promised the kids that she is up in heaven being young and healthy. I didn't mention wings, but someone at Kindergarten told them that deceased people become angels. Hence the wings.)
Now they are arguing what kind of wings Siv should get. White ones obviously are for girls. Pterodactyl wings would be SO COOL.
Jonathan now wants to be dead too, so he can get a pair of pterodactyl wings of his own.

    travsthebean » 25 Oct 2011 » Reply

    As a father of 5 i know the pain that you are feeling. I bet your boy would make an incredible prince of the white hall as well and would valiantly fight along those brave men, elves and other free people.

    Pterodactyl wings are really cool, though i would encourage your boy to let nature take its course and not rush on to the next adventure.

    As for this part of the story- i cried as well as i drew some of these pages, full aware of what was happening. It was very hard for me to watch this unfold, yet there is a reason for all things and in reality, sometimes events, whether wanted or not make a story stronger. much stronger.

    The story of the bean is truly about hope and dealing with adversity, all sorts. It's about growth and hopefully you will feel this as the story unfolds and see that even in dark tunnels there is always light.

    Tell your mighty little warriors, not to fret, for the journey of the forest walker is not over yet, for there is still much to tell about who our barkeep was and why he was at the dagger in the first place.

Dormin » 25 Oct 2011 » Reply

Don´t worry everyone. Now the wizard will pull a "nearly dead" , Bride Princess style.

Mercy » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

Noooo! Siv can't be dead! There's a lot of story left!

John » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

Interesting. The mage has spoken before with Siv. Then why Siv is a "lost" prince? What is the "white hall" ?

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    to answer the white hall question, The white hall is home to the ruling family of Dark Leaf. It sits on an island in the middle of the great river, which separates Cold Leaf Forest from Dark Leaf Forest. As for the "lost" aspect, I will not ruin the story by saying more.

A.C. » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

Woah, woah now there Mr. Droopy ears! He's down, but NOT out! He's in the header image for crying out loud! Totally going to pull through, just you wait! Now magic him up some Fanta so he can get his strength back with some tasty refreshment!!! 😛

(scary point: If this were a videogame, the laws of product placement mean that would actually be a possibility!!!) O_O

If he IS down for the count though I'll be devastated, Siv is an awesome character any way you cut it. But I have a feeling that for all his apparent wisdom, Mr. Droopy Ears has spoken to soon, at least, I hope so!

    MaxArt » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    To be fair, the page header is quite old.

    But! There are some points that keep me hoping.
    First of all, it's a fantasy story and magic is involved.
    Second: Ravna is using the present tense. "You *know* him?"
    Third: well, duh, Siv is just to good to be lost right now.

      John » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

      Yes, I think Siv is not completely dead. But in this case I am disappointed that the mage assumes instead of checking facts.

        Mary » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

        Assumptions, assumptions — he has fallen, and the mage didn't say he was dead.

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    product placement….. hmmm i am going to have to think about that. 🙂

    dont worry i will not tarnish my story with product placement, unless it is to read books.

    Yup i think i need to change the header…..

sfbell09 » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

Interesting. Usually when someone sacrifices themselves it is to save someone of high value. Perhaps Ravna is someone worth watching, Siv obviously thought so.

glennnnnnn » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

What ? ? Nooo ! There must be some mistake !

MaxArt » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

So, he IS dead…
I was hoping that he was just unconscious.
That's so sad.

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