The Bean 355
The Bean 355
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Sent the proofs back for vol 2 today- things are looking good. The book looks fantastic. Well back to work…



sfbell09 » 14 Feb 2012 » Reply

Great detail on Siv. Love the Earth magic.

    trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

    earth magic is important

Roy » 13 Feb 2012 » Reply

The text bubbles were a little difficult to follow in the first panel. I had to re-read it a couple times to get the flow you intended! Don't recall this happening before.

    Grey Matter » 13 Feb 2012 » Reply

    Really, Roy? I didn't notice. I did notice that Siv might be getting turned into a tree, though! Is he going to be a tree, trav?! Or am I just going nuts?

      trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

      You know you answered that question in the next few pages

    Ben » 13 Feb 2012 » Reply

    I got that too, Roy.

    Gillsing » 14 Feb 2012 » Reply

    Yeah, I started reading the top one in the middle, and only when I had read all of them did I figure out that I was supposed to have started with the left one, and then gone upwards and to the right. That's a problem I often have when two or more speech bubbles are placed to the lower left and upper right, because the usual top left to bottom right order can't be used to discern where to start.

Karyl » 13 Feb 2012 » Reply

LOVE the art–sad for the reason! I especially like the idea that the wizard helps him to be collected back into spirit.

    trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

    i know – there is sadness here… yet dont worry- there is always light at the end of the tunnel

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