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The Bean 356
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Small update…. been really sick the last few days and the whole family has been down for the last two weeks. With 5 kids you expect it to go around. It’s part of life and signed up for it so I am not too distraught that my productivity has tanked.

I am feeling better and I am looking forward to getting back into the grind and some munching on some Tin Roof Sunday….

keep creating.



cat » 16 Feb 2012 » Reply

Interesting thought. I wonder if any legends/myths will arise about this.

    Grey Matter » 17 Feb 2012 » Reply

    Siv was a prince, was disgraced, survived alone in the forest (for a while), became a barkeep, feel in love, never got to say he loved her (as far as we know), died saving his love, friends, and the town, and gets a tree magically shaped around him as a monument to his life. Yeah, definitely the stuff of legends. 🙂

    trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

    i think that there is a strong possibility that could happen

Thomas » 16 Feb 2012 » Reply

Touch confused here, I presume that a man has been turned from a corpse into a plant?

    Grey Matter » 16 Feb 2012 » Reply

    I think it's more that Roc Noc is creating a tree around him as a grave marker. Possibly a special Red Rock Troll burial right for honored persons or honorable deaths.

    sfbell09 » 16 Feb 2012 » Reply

    I agree with Grey Matter, the vines are growing up around Siv, incorporating the body and spirit into the natural world.

    trav » 20 Feb 2012 » Reply

    hi thomas i think grey and sfbell answered it perfectly

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