The Bean 597
The Bean 597
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bean color ad3 shy of 600 can you believe it and the plot thickens… well not really it’s just stirred a little. One of the things is that I like to craft a story. Take my time. I know it gets hard waiting for weekly updates – though I update three times a week- two of those are color updates. Eventually after book 4 is completed I will transition book 5 to color as well and just work our way up.  This has been a pure labor of love, but the story is really hitting the ground- the pieces are all moving… where to though is anyone’s guess.

If you want to see all the color pages – just go to the beginning- They are looking fantastic. I am really humbled by the support as well as by those involved in helping me complete this project… which will take awhile. Yet the results will be worth it.

I also started scripting book 5. I just love how it’s flowing and there is so much more to tell of this grand adventure.  So here is too keeping it going- If you like the story – please share it- promote it… help it get noticed. That is all I ask.

keep creating




Laura » 19 Aug 2014 » Reply

Ohhh…he's a creeper too! Especially love the first panel and how it's laid out. Really sets the scene. 🙂

wnp » 19 Aug 2014 » Reply

Well, yes of course I hope Otter is amiable enough. Dicussing business over a meal is always good for the mind. Just ask the Armenians.

The Puck 1 » 18 Aug 2014 » Reply

Whelp, there went my theory…

Celidah » 17 Aug 2014 » Reply

At long last, Lord Loukin! Lovely.

Roy » 17 Aug 2014 » Reply

Last bubble has a 'called' in there that shouldn't be. Mmm, what will happen next?

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