The Bean 598
The Bean 598
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bean color adToday I am now 2 shy of 600 pages of the comic update. 2 shy, what an adventure so far… and at the moment, though I know there is still much more of the tale to tell, I am feeling very very accomplished.

Also to read the story in color just follow the graphic. What you will find is how I originally wanted to tell the story soooo many years ago. It’s actually happening and you are the reason and I thank you.

Also to anyone looking for a private commission or have an idea or game you want developed or creative, just drop me a line I am always looking for new adventures to get into.

Thanks again for your help and support




rfaramir » 29 Aug 2014 » Reply

Of course, it's a pretty messed up society if you have to have special 'rights' to your own property or it may get confiscated.

Who is he to ask? Does he think it looks like a blade of his that was stolen?

Megaben » 29 Aug 2014 » Reply

That last speech bubble should read "What is your name, lad, and what right do you have to carry a blade like that?"

    rfaramir » 29 Aug 2014 » Reply

    Or "What is your name, lad, and by what right do you carry a blade like that?"

    The current text is a mix of the two.

      Megaben » 29 Aug 2014 » Reply

      I would have gone for that, but I opted for a wording closer to the original. Yours is more correct.

wnp » 27 Aug 2014 » Reply

Guess Loukin would be satisfied to know the sword chose Bean but not before. So now maybe it is time to reread the story in technicolor.

glenn » 25 Aug 2014 » Reply

Bean can't even follow simple directions: "Keep quiet and DON'T show your sword to anyone."
Now they're both in trouble, unless this rude Lord (who drinks without offering refreshments) can be persuaded to leave the matter alone.

    sfbell09 » 25 Aug 2014 » Reply

    Somehow, I do not think he's going to simply let the matter drop. He looks like the sort who wants to know everything and take anything that could possible give him any measure of further power/wealth.

      glenn » 25 Aug 2014 » Reply

      I'm thinking that's a fair assessment of their situation and that sort of person. But it was Otter's idea to go there, so she's going to be taking responsibility for their actions, no matter how Bean's inattentiveness set off the Greed-o-meter in Lord Bluto the Pig.

    The Puck 1 » 27 Aug 2014 » Reply

    Bean can hardly be called accountable for the sharp eyes of the (possibly) greedy Lord. Although, wrapping the hilt would have been a better option to avoid this situation.

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