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The Bean 599
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Hello my friends this is a show week. Yup we are heading off to the Salt Lake Comic Con. If you want to follow me you can follow me on instagram and fb. I will be posting tons of pics of my adventures. Looking forward to a incredible time with a lot of great people.

Also I am thinking of starting a coloring page contest each month for all ages. Something fun, something different with great prizes.

Thanks again for all your support.

keep creating



Random Guy » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply

I think he doesn't care for anything that would deny him his whims.

Jason » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply

I like how Loukin doesn't care for tradition, but asks by what right Bean carries the sword.

Megaben » 1 Sep 2014 » Reply

Oh, dear. Wasn't Siv royalty? Bean doesn't know that, but Loukin might. Is this going to make Bean some sort of prince in his eyes? Then again, "Siv" is almost certainly a pseudonym.

    Trav the bean » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply

    I guess it would depend on how long siv was gone… and siv gave his real name in the comic… which is a little different than siv. 🙂

      Megaben » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply

      I really should remember that. Which page was it?

        trav » 3 Sep 2014 » Reply

        i think chapter 8 or 9

        Megaben » 3 Sep 2014 » Reply

        Page 297 – his true name is Sivarion de Pendaron. So Siv is really more of a shortened form of his real name than a pseudonym.

    Celidah » 4 Sep 2014 » Reply

    That was my first thought, too, but then I vaguely remembered that Siv had given his real name before (although I hadn't remembered what the full name was), and Ravna had been so surprised. So I figured that Bean hadn't screwed up too badly by giving Siv's name. Although I guess we'll see how Loukin reacts to the name in the next page…

Celidah » 1 Sep 2014 » Reply

It's telling that he said "Siv" and not "Gort." Siv….*eyes welling up*

    dubiuousbyhabit » 1 Sep 2014 » Reply

    Maybe Gort is too recognizable as an ogre's name?

    Trav the bean » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply

    who would you have rather been your daddy 😉

      Random Guy » 2 Sep 2014 » Reply


      Celidah » 4 Sep 2014 » Reply

      No contest. 🙂 I was just thinking of back when Gort told Bean, "Just think of me as your paps now."

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