The Bean 600
The Bean 600
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bean color addreambigadSalt Lake City Comic Con Review.


Celidah » 8 Sep 2014 » Reply

Aaaand Bean is SAFE (for now)!

And allow me to add my dancing rodents for 600–that is, my conga rats. 🙂

sfbell09 » 8 Sep 2014 » Reply

Mmmhmmm. He seems a little too eager to hear about a new weapon. Especially since he qualifies getting a ship for them with hearing about this legendary weapon first. Most Important: Congratulations on 600!!

    Denita TwoDragons » 8 Sep 2014 » Reply

    I noticed that his proverbial ears pricked up at the prospect of a new weapon. This guy is greed personified. They went from the frying pan to the fire. Trav, I can't wait to see how you maneuver them out of this one!

    And CONGRATS on the big six-oh-oh!! 🙂

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