The Bean 601
The Bean 601
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bean color adWell I almost missed today’s update. I took my daughter this weekend up to college with my wife. It was surreal and kind of a hard experience for me. Yet I am so proud of her on what she has accomplished. I look forward to seeing her in a couple of months. It will just be a little quieter without her.

She is lucky though and will miss the heat.

I am currently working on the Kickstarter rewards and will be sending my survey out very very soon. The next few days I will be very busy – working on all the exciting things.

Also the coloring of the bean is in full swing. Each update happens because of your support and this story is getting such a wonderful feel to it. I love how it is coming out.

Thank you again for your support. If you you want to help support the coloring of the bean – just click through the patreon campaign.




ThePuck1 » 21 Sep 2014 » Reply

Sorry, Trav, just spotted another… "There is talk that they want these lands back. Massing within the caves to the north" This sentence makes no sense, and is missing a period at the end.

Suggested edit: " There is talk that they want these lands back, massing within the caves to the north." Replace the period after back with a comma, and add the missing period.

~ Puck

Ray Bingham » 20 Sep 2014 » Reply

The setting is gorgeous. I love these pieces. It's so nice to see Ziff mentioned… and Stone Trolls… 😉 Loving your work as always, Ray

    Trav the bean » 21 Sep 2014 » Reply

    oh there is sooo much more to come- I am finally feeling like i am getting into the meet of the story… finally.

wnp » 19 Sep 2014 » Reply

Speaking of verbal "assulted" should be "assaulted" as verified by spell checking with the red squiggly line under it.

It is a great threat for sure and requires intervention of greater power than is available in a mere city of any size. Not even Bean´s sword can do it alone.

The Puck 1 » 18 Sep 2014 » Reply

Also, "You see, Helixshire, Culver's Gulch is vital to the realm." Replace the period with a comma before and after Helixshire in the first panel. Other wise it means, "You see Helixshire."

Celidah » 15 Sep 2014 » Reply

The verbal swordplay continues…

Friendly neighborhood grammarian here, making a few corrections:
-In the first panel, "If the king wants the Ziff to continue to flow south…" reads a bit awkwardly. Did you mean to say, "If the king wants the Ziff exports" or "the Ziff trade"?
-Still in the first panel, the period between "flow south" and "then his agents" should be a comma.
-In the third panel, "enemey" should be spelled "enemy."
-Again in the third panel, the question mark after "Imagine the hero you would be" should probably also be a comma.

I only suggest the changes because I care, and you've said grammar & spelling isn't your strong point, so I aim only to help. 🙂 I'm really enjoying this scene!

    Trav the bean » 21 Sep 2014 » Reply

    on most of those changes 🙂
    and the verbal sword play continues.

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