The Bean 77

Hi all – here is the new color update of the original pages. Working hard on pushing this forward. Also we just hit our first goal on Patreon which is really exciting. This means those that are patreons will be getting something special at the end of the month. I am also giving away a […]


The Bean 78

This scene has always been one of my favorites. Gort is such a jerk. One of the things that coloring the comic has shown is time. Time within in the comic and how the environment effects the setting and emotional welfare of the characters. I like that you can now see that impact. To feel […]


The Bean 79

Hi all. Here is todays color update a day early- because i have some traveling to do. I hope you enjoy. trav  


The Bean 80

Well good morning- Our coloring adventure continues. 🙂 I am also posting this months original copic piece to give away tomorrow on the patreon account. Thank you again for all your support. trav  


The Bean 81

80 pages into the story are colored. Wow- It’s amazing how this is going. As I go back and actually read the story in color, it is a much different story. I did not expect it to change that much. I love how much more alive my world is and how the moods are changing […]


The Bean 82

Time for an update on the Bean. It’s good to see the legend Siv in color. He is one of my favorite characters. I also like the mood of the colors. I wanted it to be cold and feel wet. So that’s why I choose the color scheme… I think really makes him look miserable […]


The Bean 83

The adventure thickens. It’s pretty exciting to see the comic come together in color. Siv is one of my favorite characters and I love how the color is making the story deeper. It’s all about mood. If you want to read the whole story from the beginning visit START AT PAGE 1 HERE Also please […]


The Bean 84

Good morning- I finally got to color some goblins… oh yeah 🙂 Nothing like goblins in the rain and night in the forest. Well enjoy today’s color update. I will be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend so come on by and hang out. Thanks again Keep creating trav


The Bean 85

Good morning- Nothing like starting the day with some fun color artwork. I hope you enjoy the hunt. That’s what siv does best. Well back to prepping for Salt Lake Comic Con next week. trav  


The Bean 86

working hard on some new pages and pushing through on coloring some old ones. I really like how this is turning out and I really love getting back into the underground. Something about making the underground alive just makes me giddy. Also working on some daily sketches to keep my spirits high and my mind […]


The Bean 87

Good morning- welcome to our weekly old b/w conversion to color page. Deep in the underground. Just steady working on the comic and several other productions. Have to eat, one day the focus will soley be on the bean and that will be good. Just this is part of the journey and the journey has […]


The Bean 88

Deep in the underground we go. Some of my favorite scenes of the series are of the underground. I love going on these adventures and being able to design a world so unique and fun. It allows me to add a whole new element to my world. It allows me to make it alive and […]


The Bean 89

Another day and another page. I am really excited about how this one turned out. The underground excites me and I imagine it to be very very alive. I love the feeling – the mood and the feeling of dread. Revisiting these pages to add color has really helped me see how magical this world […]


The Bean 90

Into the darkness we go. I must say that when I created these pages, they were some of my favorites. I loved designing a world that had long been abandoned and yet was still alive. I really enjoyed working on the symbols of the Red Rock Trolls as well. It really added to the world. […]


The Bean 91

Here is today’s color update. I would have more but i am on the road to Tucson’s Comic Con… I will be back on monday… 🙂 keep creating trav


The Bean 92

Todays update. Moving through the underground. It has been a real treat revisiting this story and seeing it now colorized. I really like how it is coming out. trav

Today’s color update. Quick update though, because I have more pages to draw for bean. and another new book. Thanks for everything keep creating. trav  

Its good to see the story progressing color wise- Almost done with chapter 3 🙂 almost…. thanks again for the support – trav  


The Bean 96

Good morning- working hard on getting everything color- I wish it could be quicker, but I am only one guy and so I apologize for having only two updates a week- one old – one new. I know it makes for the story seem to take forever. I will keep moving forward- promise- and once […]


The Bean 97

This is one of my favorite moments of the comic. It allows Groggle to kinda of shine. More art to come. trav


The Bean 99

The saga continues … and bean colors just make it better and better. 🙂 trav


The Bean 100

100 pages of the beginning colored today. That is a major accomplishment at the moment. I am really happy about how it’s coming out. It looks like a real comic now.  Getting ready for a couple of shows and some other cool cool projects that i can’t talk about just yet… Also working on more […]


The Bean 101

Todays new page is up and ready to go. – i hope you continue to enjoy the adventure. I also just launched my newest kickstarter. It’s not a book – it’s a game- a card game based on the game of war. I hope you enjoy it. trav  

It is nice to be done with shows for a few weeks. Feeling really good about getting back into these early pages, especially since we are closing in on the end of the next chapter of the bean. Thank you again for your support. If you want to come check out my kickstarter – just […]

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