Page 175 and other Tid Bits- Well the Q&A on the last update was a bust, but that’s ok, I figure that the questions are answering themselves. I do hope the new updating schedule has been easy on you as well. I hate changing things up at times, yet sometimes change is good. Recommended Reads […]

Still plugging through issue 7 and working on several commissions. If you want one send me a note. I’ll post more later. trav

It’s been a fun ride so far. We are finally getting into parts of the story that really made me want to do this in the first place.  As you take a moment to reflect back you will hopefully start to notice a few subtle and hidden things that are beginning to become reality. Everything […]


The Bean 178

Well the big news is the contest. It doesn’t matter who (things pertaining to the comic)  you draw- it’s just you have to draw to be entered to win. So remember to send your drawings to Also we have several now. Hopefully I will be able to start posting some of those in the […]


The Bean 179

Hi all- just thought i’d give a little note. 7 is in progress still, and there are all sorts of things going on. I’l fill you all in on tuesday. Have a fantastic day and boy are things getting dicey.


The Bean 182

tap…tap…tap is this thing on? Ahem…. Ok it is time to announce the winner of the Fan Art Contest. Remember it was not based on how well you drew, but the fact that you submitted. Which was then thrown all to together and pulled randomly from a hat. Really hi-tech. Yet I am really excited […]


The Bean 183

Well I am going to shorten the intro here – so you can see the other blog aspects. Still looking at some other additional changes here and there. I’ve started to do a few tweaks to shoptalk. I figured I would start adding custom artwork to the blogs, instead of older artwork. I hope you […]


The Bean 230

Well here is todays update. It’s been a wonderful weekend and the new newsletter is off. I am having a good time putting that together. Ok back to the Badger. I must say I really like him for some awful reason. He’s a slob of a man, yet still intelligent in the ways of strategy […]


The Bean 231

So the dust has settled. Its pretty easy to get caught up in the moment. After the shock, I spent some quality time reading each of the nominees. I was very very impressed. I am reading them all the way through and found some very beautiful and distinct story telling techniques. It seems we are […]


The Bean 232

232 pages and still going strong. I also finished 2 more inks for the next issue. So we are pushing hard to keep that buffer full. So today lets make it a Q&A day. Anything about the bean, me, technique, inspiration … whatever. Though most of you know I’ll answer regardless even without a Q&A […]


The Bean 233

Well the newsletter just went out. If you are not on it your missing out. 🙂 Also added a new article to the shop talk – dealing with the Color and B/W webcomics. Sorry it’s short – just a lot going on right now. see you in a bit trav


The Bean 273

I am on my way to SDCC today. So I am scarce today- I will post more soon- enjoy the update. trav


The Bean 274

day 3 of comic con starts today and tonight is the eisner awards. I a little anxious.:) anyways I’m checking in on my twitter and occasionally facebook. trav  


The Bean 275

wow- it’s a been a long, exciting five days. Full SDCC report later today. Right now I need to rest a little and recover. Enjoy- trav


The Bean 393

Good morning- there it’s a busy week. There’s a lot going on so I am here and I am not here. The biggest hing is this week i am building a video for the kickstarter project for book 3 – that should be released next week. Also we are getting ready for SDCC which is […]


The Bean 394

This week is video production week. I am about half-way through it. Flash has been fun to learn but it’s cutting into my work week, which hasn’t. Deadline is Sat- so hopefully – fingers crossed. OK back to work – Keep Creating… trav  

If you hadn’t noticed I am in the process of a little redecorating. I am doing this because, one, I wanted to increase the speed of the site’s upload time and, two, I wanted to give people a reason to come back on non-comic update days.  As many of you know I also do art […]

Hello my fellow adventurers- Ok with just 2 weeks left- we are almost at our 2nd stretch goal, which is a COLORING BOOK! I am really excited about this coloring book. In fact I am looking forward to finishing this book off. The coloring book will be for every tier over $45 dollars. So if […]

Good day- I am in full artbook production right now- So as you can see I have been a little scarce. 🙂 Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal […]


The Bean 492

Well let’s have some fun as we wait for the next update- If Bean were to be a movie, who would you cast. Actors can be living or dead…. sort of an ideal cast and realistic cast…. Bean…. This is a hard one- I would want bean to be both young and yet he has […]

Good Morning (unless you are reading this in the evening than good evening) So as you can see there have been a few changes to the site. I would say you can expect a few more as well. I just upgraded everything and now I am working on refining, cleaning and finishing things off. One […]

Why hello- First of Happy fourth! New update today – as well as a bunch of other cool changes to the site. First off I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here . Also if you notice on the side there are faces of who’s in todays update. You can see […]

Today is the 500th update of the BEAN. Can you believe it- 500 pages. I am really excited about it- It’s a celebration moment and a milestone. Also, if you have not noticed, I have a complete who’s who’s guide for the comic here . Just look on the side and you will see […]


The Bean 501

Time for a big reveal and a big reveal it is…. Grenels are not what they seem to be. Well back to SDCC Prep and on a side note, the art book starts the printing press. Really excited about it. keep creating trav  


The Bean 502

  As you can tell its SDCC week. This is a busy week for me, so I will try to be around when I can. Yet if you are going to SDCC than come on by and hang out with us for a bit. Get a FREE Sketch and dress up. Keep Creating trav

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