The Bean 166

Hey just thought I would make mention of this. If you are doing a webcomic or want to be part of this just click the link above. You can’t nominate your own stuff, and I am not asking for nominations myself. I just think this is kind of pretty cool and something people might be […]


The Bean 167

Would you prefer if I talked a little more during my updates? I don’t usually do, I find it a little weird at times trying to digest an episode, especially when it is a continuing story line and I want people to find things for themselves. Yet, I think people are also missing some of […]


The Bean 168

Well I’ve thought about it and after a bit of an internal debate, finally decided to update 3 times a week. That was a tough choice, because there were many factors that go into this. One reason though is it will add a bit of work to me, yet more accountability. On my blog though- […]


The Bean 169

Well, as you can see I have been a little busy these last few days. There are many things I am looking at adding, fixing and taking away from the site. The only problem I have is time, but that is an aspect of life that I just cannot really change. One of the most […]


The Bean 170

I am trying really hard to make sure there is something to posted here in the text section of the comic. I know it is important and I am pleased with the progress that I am making. I have appreciated the encouragement as well and the excitement over Bean. It has been very nice to […]


The Bean 171

Well, I hope you are enjoying the new updating schedule. I also hope everyone is enjoying the new art section as well. I am looking forward to getting back into the world section, but there is only so much time in the day and I am knee deep into issue 7. Speaking of issue 7, […]


The Bean 172

Thanksgiving has passed and I hope it was enjoyable. I am personally stuffed and looking forward to jumping on several other projects for this weekend. Almost all of them involve art. I am hoping to get several other pieces of artwork up as well. Also if you are bored, just take a moment and reread […]


The Bean 173

Trials come in all shapes and sizes. Almost three weeks ago, my wife hurt her ankle pretty bad. There were some pretty tense moments there as we did not know the extent of the damage, yet do not fret all is better. Though she over did it a little tonight in getting around I am […]

Good morning- Lets do questions. I think since we’ve hit 174 pages, now would be a fun time to have a little Q&A. Mind the spoilers and remember, just cause you ask doesn’t mean I will spill all the beans:) Yet I will be pretty open about answering on anything relating to the bean…. almost […]

Page 175 and other Tid Bits- Well the Q&A on the last update was a bust, but that’s ok, I figure that the questions are answering themselves. I do hope the new updating schedule has been easy on you as well. I hate changing things up at times, yet sometimes change is good. Recommended Reads […]

Still plugging through issue 7 and working on several commissions. If you want one send me a note. I’ll post more later. trav

It’s been a fun ride so far. We are finally getting into parts of the story that really made me want to do this in the first place.  As you take a moment to reflect back you will hopefully start to notice a few subtle and hidden things that are beginning to become reality. Everything […]


The Bean 178

Well the big news is the contest. It doesn’t matter who (things pertaining to the comic)  you draw- it’s just you have to draw to be entered to win. So remember to send your drawings to thanson@beanleafpress.com. Also we have several now. Hopefully I will be able to start posting some of those in the […]


The Bean 179

Hi all- just thought i’d give a little note. 7 is in progress still, and there are all sorts of things going on. I’l fill you all in on tuesday. Have a fantastic day and boy are things getting dicey.


The Bean 180

The CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY! It doesn’t matter who (things pertaining to the comic)  you draw- it’s just you have to draw to be entered to win. So remember to send your drawings to thanson@beanleafpress.com. Also we have several now. Hopefully I will be able to start posting some of those in the next few days. […]


The Bean 181

Well it is done. I have finally got all the prints up in the Travs Art section. You can now go through them all, you can like them, you can tweet them, you can comment on them… I wanted to make it a much more interactive section than I had before and I am very […]


The Bean 182

tap…tap…tap is this thing on? Ahem…. Ok it is time to announce the winner of the Fan Art Contest. Remember it was not based on how well you drew, but the fact that you submitted. Which was then thrown all to together and pulled randomly from a hat. Really hi-tech. Yet I am really excited […]


The Bean 183

Well I am going to shorten the intro here – so you can see the other blog aspects. Still looking at some other additional changes here and there. I’ve started to do a few tweaks to shoptalk. I figured I would start adding custom artwork to the blogs, instead of older artwork. I hope you […]


The Bean 185

Thanks for all the candid comments. I appreciate the input. It helps me figure out how to make my comic better. I hope you all had an incredible christmas. More to come. trav


The Bean 187

Been really busy with a few commissions, which is good. I will be posting these soon. In fact the commission section is the last part of travs art that I need to work on. I mean there are other things, I am just pretty slammed, which is good. Thanks again for all the support these […]

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