The Bean 1

Welcome to the world of the Bean. BIG UPDATE! Bean is going to color- 1 page at a time…. Since I am now working for myself, I am going to go back and start coloring Bean. The reason is as a b/w comic I am finding my possibilities to really share the bean very limited. […]


The Bean 2

As many of you know I am working on coloring the bean. I am loving it. I am working patreon campaign to help fund this huge endeaver and if you want to know more about it- keep your eyes posted. Also if you want another way to help support the bean, please go to the […]


The Bean 3

  Here is the next page of the bean in color. It is a labor of love and a slow process, but as more and more people join our patreon campaign that allows me to be able to dedicate more time. For only a $1 update you can also become a patron of the arts. […]


The Bean 4

Good morning- I am moving forward with coloring the Bean. I am very excited about this new adventure for me and would love to have you come along for the ride. If you have noticed for only a $1 per color update (only 2 a week) you can help me add color to the Bean. […]


The Bean 5

Here as promised is today’s full color update. It is sooo much more sound in color in my opinion and I look forward to catching up to the current 591 page 🙂 but that is ok- We will day. Your contributions through patreon are helping. Thank you. If you want to help you can donate […]


The Bean 6

NEW color update today. I am pretty excited about the direction of the color- and as we work through I am truly humbled by those that are supporting this comic through patreon to make it a reality. I love how it is coming out and I think it is really adding a whole new dimension […]


The Bean 7

Next color page is up and looking good. There is so much more depth to the comic with these pages. I am really pleased with the direction and the feel and look forward to keeping the pages going. Thanks again for all the help – the support and the love. Keep creating trav


The Bean 8

Todays Color update is brought to you by the good patrons of Patreon. They are helping making bean come to life in full color. Thank you. trav-  


The Bean 9

  Hello my friends. I hope that you are having an incredible day, full of adventure and good times. Today we update. It is so nice to see the comic in color and I sure appreciate all the help in making it so. I hope you can see the visual difference and the power that […]

Wow, just got back from SDCC and I am still recovering. Yet I am working hard on the color updates. So much good stuff. Things continue to go well on the home front and look for the next color update on thursday. The SDCC report will be coming soon. trav  

One of the cool things about going back and coloring all the black and white comics of the bean, is that I get to use color to enhance and change moods. I love how this page turned out, especially as we hear a glimpse of the story of bean’s father. I felt the reds really […]

Plugging away on the color pages. Color sure makes the story so much stronger. Thanks again for all your support, we sure appreciate it. It’s you that makes all of this possible. trav

Good Morning- Love this page so much more in color. I’m really excited about this adventure and it’s direction. Especially in color- I am also very grateful for the support so far in making the color possible. The more we have involved the more time it will free up for me to devote solely to […]

Good Morning my friends – Here is today’s color update. I hope you are enjoying it. trav

Good morning- There is sooo much good going on. First off we are getting close to finishing the art of book 4 – than it goes into edits. I have started scripting book 5 and I the color pages for the whole story are progressing wonderfully.  Also I am prepping for a new show this […]


The Bean 16

08.18.2014 -Welcome to today’s color update. This is so exciting, because now you get to see my world outside of the inn in the color. What a great day today. Also I am prepping for Salt Lake City Comic Con. Which is in a few weeks. So if you are up in the area and […]


The Bean 17

Good morning and welcome to today’s color update. I do hope you enjoy it. If you want to read the comic the way it was meant to be… than just scroll down and click read bean from the beginning. I do hope you can really see how much more color adds to the story. Also […]


The Bean 18

One of the things that I have enjoyed about updating the bean in color is that it has allowed me tackle the sky with a more softer feel. It has also let me make the backgrounds have a lot more depth to them. For example in this page. You can really see the forest disappear […]


The Bean 19

Good morning- another color update and the last one of the month. This coloring adventure is moving along quite smoothly. Very pleased with how things are turning out. I do hope you are feeling the same. Now back to show prep for next week. Keep creating trav-


The Bean 20

Good morning- there is a lot going on this week as we leave for the Salt Lake City Comic Con. So I will be scarce, yet I will have updates – that is my goal. I am constantly moving forward. There is a lot of exciting things going as well. I am amazed on where […]


The Bean 21

Hi guys as promised here is my patreon color update. One of the cool things about color is the ability to add mood to a scene in a way that it was not there before. Well back to the salt lake comic con. I will have more to update next week – promise. Keep Creating […]


The Bean 22

Good Morning – it is so nice to be back at home and working on the projects and pieces that I love to do. I had a good time up at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, which you can hear all about in my review. Right now I am pushing forward with the colors […]


The Bean 23

Today is the day I take my oldest little girl to college. It’s gonna be a drive. I am sooooo proud of her and her accomplishments.  Yet, I also feel a loss inside. What an incredible opportunity she has to do something that I never did. She earned every bit of it. I am proud […]


The Bean 24

Good Morning- we have updated 24 pages today – with the help of those participating in patreon. It has been amazing how this program has begun the process of making this dream a reality. I am humbled by the kindness and motivated by the support of my patrons. You are what make this a reality. […]


The Bean 25

Good morning- I hope you enjoy todays update- I am a little under the weather at the moment- but I am pushing through it. More art and colors to come- Keep creating and thank you trav


The Bean 26

Today’s color update. I love how this page came out- So different than I originally planned it to be. Love it. Thank you so much for your help and I all I ask if you would tell others about the patreon I appreciate it. It is truly helping making the bean work. trav    


The Bean 27

Good morning. What an incredible adventure this is turning out to be. I am so glad you are along for the ride. I have never expected to see this comic in color and watching it unfold has been incredible. We still are plugging away at the color pages. I am curious though what people think […]


The Bean 28

As I sit here and start my day. A day with a fun update I realized that I need to make a few changes on the site to make things a little more exciting for people and show people what is happening. Not many people and big fans of the story realize that the story […]


The Bean 29

I get a lot of questions on why I do not update more of the story quicker.  Well I am trying. This project is not an easy project, especially one that I share for free. Plus the only way at the moment to gain momentum for the book and story to grow is to color […]


The Bean 30

Good Morning – what an incredible day- I am glad to be home and I am glad to be back behind my table working on the bean and several other projects I am involved in. I hope you are enjoying the color updates. It has been nice, seeing how this project is coming about. I […]


The Bean 31

Good morning – Yesterday we launched our survey’s for everyone who backed my story Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone. I am really excited about this part of the project. It means that I will be able to launch book 4 of bean soon… very soon. (jan) Also if you missed the […]


The Bean 32

Good morning- big things are happening,  all over the place. It has been an incredible adventure and I cannot believe some of the things going on. Wow.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the great news. Here’s the next color page. I am working very hard on getting the next 38 pages out […]


The Bean 33

Good morning- here is today’s update. We are almost done with the first chapter. It is pretty exciting. Plus I should have some new things to show really soon. Also time is running out to pre-order a Tanner Jones book and get it shipped out at the tail end of the kickstarter rewards. Means though […]


The Bean 34

Hi my dear friends and supporters. Here is today’s color update. I cannot believe that we are 3 pages shy of finishing Chapter 1 of the first book in color. I am setting up chapter 2 color modes as well. Plus I am still working on chapter 16 of the b/w comic. I am trying […]


The Bean 35

Good morning- Today’s color update features the wrath and anger of Ogre. I personally would not want to be on the receiving end myself. Production is moving along briskly. I am preparing also for tucson and signed and drew in 500 Tanner Jones Adventure Books. So I am keeping busy and upbeat about where this […]


The Bean 36

This update was supposed to happen yesterday, but my world has been a little chaotic. My laptop crashed on monday and I have had to spend some time in trying to recover data and still finish off some big projects that need to get done. I apologize for the late delay. trav-

In the midst of shipping kickstarter rewards and trying to keep sane. The color update is a day late. But I will be back on track next week. This is a FREE Patreon color update as well. I have really appreciated the support that people have given me and I am looking forward into jumping […]

Well chapter 1 is finished and boy does it look good. Colors have begun on chapter 2. This is turning out amazing. Thank you for your help and your encouragement. Also most of the kickstarter rewards are going out today and tomorrow. Books are shipping 🙂 Well back to the artistic grind. trav-

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