I started off the day in a lull and even a bit moody. That mood changed as I opened an email around 3pm and squealed like a little girl. I was nominated for an Eisner.  I was floored…. I look at the talent around me and I am so humbled that I have been counted […]


The Bean 230

Well here is todays update. It’s been a wonderful weekend and the new newsletter is off. I am having a good time putting that together. Ok back to the Badger. I must say I really like him for some awful reason. He’s a slob of a man, yet still intelligent in the ways of strategy […]


The Bean 231

So the dust has settled. Its pretty easy to get caught up in the moment. After the shock, I spent some quality time reading each of the nominees. I was very very impressed. I am reading them all the way through and found some very beautiful and distinct story telling techniques. It seems we are […]


The Bean 232

232 pages and still going strong. I also finished 2 more inks for the next issue. So we are pushing hard to keep that buffer full. So today lets make it a Q&A day. Anything about the bean, me, technique, inspiration … whatever. Though most of you know I’ll answer regardless even without a Q&A […]


The Bean 233

Well the newsletter just went out. If you are not on it your missing out. 🙂 Also added a new article to the shop talk – dealing with the Color and B/W webcomics. Sorry it’s short – just a lot going on right now. see you in a bit trav


The Bean 234

Transitions I am a fan of transitions. I believe that they allow for a nice balance in between scenes. The transition lets me build even more on my world. It allows me to show that the world is alive just as the characters are and helps me create a nice flow of tempo. Ok I […]


The Bean 236

One of the most important things for a weekly cartoonist is that you have to continually push forward. Even when you are worn down and don’t want to. This is what makes cartoonist successful. The willingness to keep drawing pages even when you don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, […]


The Bean 237

Well we have had quite an awesome chat in the blog about why webcomics fail. So if you want to jump into it, I would love to hear your thoughts. It’s not about the bean either it is about webcomics in general. There are some awesome opinions and thoughts there. Also remember, the bean is […]


The Bean 238

Well yesterday was a fantastic day for turning 40:) Gave me a lot to think about as well and I am really looking forward to the future of the bean and where it is going to go. Thanks for all the love. Also remember you can get hard copies of the comics at the store […]

So who’s your favorite character? why? just  curious. Also the best way to read the bean is complete or in chunks. I understand that so if your feeling lost head on back a ways and start reading in groups. This is an epic… it is how i see it and I am not writing it […]

Things are just not getting any better for the Pers…. Ok since most of the people that read the comic read these posts and last time we did favorite characters – how about lets find the right actors to play the casts of bean. Yes we did this before a long while back.. but now […]

SOOOO SORRY HAD THE WRONG AUTO DATE – NEW PAGE UP Ok 10 pages left to ink for issue 8 -wo-wo! Now last update we started to cast the different characters of the series. We started with the collector. There were 7 great choices. I was very impressed. So when all the actors have been […]

Well life is good – Busy but good. I am prepping for the next show so i might not always be around. yet the post will be. Ok we have a bunch of great actor ideas for siv and the collector. I am looking forward to all the other characters as well. So on to […]


The Bean 243

Trying really hard to get everything done for phoenix. My next newsletter will have that information. There is just a lot to do. I am also involved in several other commissions, so in the process of getting everything done, I am focusing on at least 3 pages a week. I am hoping to have issue […]


The Bean 244

Short post today. Trying really hard to finish up on book 8 and had to redraw a page. I am really jazzed about everyone’s comments for the rest of our cast. I have really enjoyed it. So today Our casting call is for gort. He’s big and mean. So who do you think could play […]


The Bean 245

Working pretty hard to finish getting everything ready for the phoenix show. My big post about the show will be latter this week. So I am sorry for my lack of hanging out. Yet I have really enjoyed all the voice selections.  Keep up the fantastic work. So lets push forward on our acting names. […]


The Bean 246

Ok small casting break. Issue 8 news – today i should finish all the artwork for issue 8. I am really excited, in fact I knocked out 4 pages yesterday. Which means I will be starting the cover art, which I will post soon. Also a new print will be introduced on thursday. There’s been […]


The Bean 247

great day – i  just finished talking at Riverside Community College’s Advanced Photoshop Department. Taught coloring, it was really cool. Enjoyed it. Ok back to work. More to come soon. trav


The Bean 248

Well this is the week of phoenix- and man is there a lot of things going on this week. Updates will continue but i might still be scarce. Once phoenix is done we will be back in the swing of things and hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. My big phoenix update will be […]


The Bean 249

Today is a packing day for phoenix- I will be on and off today, but i should have an update about the show- once the madness settles down we’ll get back into the groove soon

Ok back from the Phoenix Comic Con and what can I tell you? Well, for starters it was an incredible show. We had a blast and I really enjoyed talking and drawing for all the wonderful people that stopped by the booth. It was also wonderful to see so many other old friends and find […]

Small setback on book 8- the scans were all bad, cause my scanner went on the fritz, during scanning. So I’ve ordered a new scanner, which ended up giving me two days off. So what do I do on my time off? Well I gardened tonight which was quite nice, even got my lights up. […]

Well now that we know that bean is ok- it’s time to get back to the forest…. I am working on the layout for 8 and i have started the art for 9- It’s gonna be a fun week and hopefully i will have it all done by the end of the week. thanks for […]

I’ve noticed that my world here has been a little quiet. I am trying to fix that.There is just a lot to do and I am trying to stay very focused on bean. In fact I have two pages of book 9 done. I am actually tackling 9 different than 8. In 8 I drew […]


The Bean 256

Well it’s sickness in the hanson household right now.  A couple with the flue and one with a tummy ache.  Yet I am doing fine. Just sitting on the couch and taking a moment to relax and enjoying the evening. I am really happy with how these next few pages came out.They are actually some […]


The Bean 257

Watching Alakazam the Great, it is a cartoon from the 1960’s. I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed the tale. The animation is pretty good, though my daughter who is watching this with me just asked if this was really a kids movie. I guess it looks pretty freaky to her. Most of the […]


The Bean 258

Life for the people of darkleaf is not peaceful these days. Plus, it looks like it is not going to get any better. So where are we on issue 8? Well issue 8 is in edits, which means it should go to press next week, if I can get everything fixed and changed. Also I […]


The Bean 259

new update today. I have a lot of preparing today and I am working hard on 9 and 8- edits are almost done on 8 which means it goes to print hopefully late next week. I am also working on a graphic novel aspect of the bean. It is about time we start putting the […]


The Bean 260

And here is Heartleaf. I have mentioned the city quite a bit in this tale and now we arrive. A quiet little town and a place to call home. Update- The dude with the stash… who is he? Well if you read back through the comic, you will get an idea of who he is […]


The Bean 261

Well in two days I will be at the Albuquerque Comic Expo. It is a very new show and it will be the first time that we are going there. I am pretty excited about the show. If you are in the area – stop by and I’ll set you up with some FREE Sketches. […]


The Bean 262

well guys- i am at abq comic expo- and this is day 1. It has a nice vibe so far, lets see if it pans out. Looking forward to dinner with my cousin and his family as well. I’ll post more about the trip later. trav


The Bean 263

Quick update- this is the last day of the ABQ Comic Expo and by the time this post I will be flying home. So I will get back with a full update later in the week. Thanks trav


The Bean 264

Well I am home, and I am trying to get back into the groove. Traveling and shows really take it out of me and right now i am in recovery mode.  So it’s a Cartoon moment with my youngest as  I start working on the graphic novel version of the bean. Yup there is going […]

Today is the day that issue 8 goes to the printer. I am really excited about this. I am also starting the covers to the Bean Volume 1. I love the fact that there is still life in my story after all these years. So let’s make it a question day… Anything you want about […]

Happy fourth of July- I must say that I happy for my freedoms, especially my freedom of religion, liberty and the pursuit to be happy. I am grateful for those men and women who sacrificed their lives so I could be here today. I am proud of my heritage. I know that there are others […]

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