The Bean 666

Sorry that i am little quiet today… I am getting sick. But we are onto a new chapter and Bean has a few challenges ahead of him. Thanks again for being there. trav-


The Bean 667

Good morning- Well the pot boiled – That’s all that can be said. Also this week, I want to wish you an Merry Christmas. I hope that you take a moment and find an opportunity to do a little service for someone else. Ease a burden and make the day – just a little brighter. […]


The Bean 668

Sometimes things just keep escalating. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to a fantastic new year as well. I am setting up my goals for next year as well… and I am really looking forward to seeing what projects I will accomplish. It’s encouraging the thoughts I have, are always […]

It is still monday…. yet I am so sorry for the delay. The Holidays are now over and I am finally back at my desk working away to catch up. There is a lot to do. Some exciting things are happening as well. First I started a new redbubble account click here for trav’s redbubble […]


The Bean 670

Bean makes a choice…. First I started a new redbubble account click here for trav’s redbubble store This is were you will find a ton of new shirt and mug designs. I finally figured it was time to offer my work on shirts etc… if there is a design you want to see online- than […]


The Bean 671

Anger… it’s an easy vice to write about and create. Bean is literally unleashing his anger at the moment. Will this change him? Not sure… even now the line is blurred between the sword and bean and who controls who…

On the edge of a knife we sit…. It’s nice having most of the crew back together let me tell you… well some of them anyways. Keep creating trav  

Today’s update- deals with coming to terms… more for the bean than anyone else. Something that he has had to do for a long time. Also I am running a NEW Kickstarter. It’s a Game- and it’s a wild game… The art, the story is quite different than anything I have ever done and I […]


The Bean 675

Good morning- I just got back from the amazing comic con in phoenix and i am sorry the update is a little late- I got in late and it has just taken a bit to get back into the groove. Also the kickstarter game is going fantastic- a lot of good things are happening. Anyways […]


The Bean 676

Just finished my second show in two weekends. I am little worn down but the update went up. Also the game is in full swing- come check the magic out… it’s been fun  play testing at the shows as well.


The Bean 677

Happy Leap Year today and for me tax day… so we can all say yay! So today’s update deals with consequences… sometimes consequences not looked for but that will still happen because of choices one makes. Plus My no mercy card game is still going strong -we are entering the last two weeks and i […]

Today’s update is all about “official business”.  Also my kickstarter closes this week. So if you want to get the game early nows the time to get it. trav-  


The Bean 679

Today is national napping day! wohoo! that’s my kinda of day and it’s rainy as well. What more could one ask for.


The Bean 680

Good morning- Been a rough weekend… had a car stolen in front of the house. 2nd time a car has been stolen, same car … honda civic… It’s frustrating to deal with and yet I decided that I was not going to let the situation control my emotions. So I went out … bought some […]


The Bean 681

Just coming off of wondercon and boy am i tired… but I am happy-  and that is important. anyways wanted to get this up for everyone. trav  

From one show to the next- this week is the great emerald city comic con. Looking to having a  fantastic time seeing so many of friends this week in washington. There’s gonna be a lot of great art, good people, awesome food and fantastic company. Here’s to free sketches and a lot of fun. Also […]


The Bean 683

Sorry for the late update, I just got back from the Emerald City Comic Con – What a wonderful and incredible show. So grateful for all the help that came from some many people and spouses that made this show possible for our family. It was a fantastic weekend and now it’s time to get […]


The Bean 684

Finally feeling that life is getting back to normal after the big eccc show- it is nice to be home- and it is nice to be with family. I am still worn out and I still have a lot to do at the moment, yet I finally feel like I am back on track. The […]


The Bean 685

Page 685 goes up today and it is a simple reminder to not drink the water. I must say I love it when I get the chance to world build.  I find that being able to create environments and creatures can be such a satisfying emotional release in a story. It also creates more and […]

Into the dark we go…. Working on a webcomic/comic is not an easy task. It takes a lot of personal drive and sacrifice. Webcomics and indy comics are usually one person shows as well. We write, pencil, ink and color. There is little fanfare most of the time and sometimes it can take a long […]

Some times the days just get worse…. New comic today. I am enjoying were it’s going to. One of the things that I find important about story telling is that you can cross genres all the time and if you do it right …. no one will even realize it. Keep creating trav  


The Bean 688

Oh the places we’ll go. Things are about to crazy, really crazy in the world of the bean. This is what makes what drawing this comic fun. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy drawing it. I have found that if I just let the story go in the direction it needs to go in. […]


The Bean 690

Today is a day to remember. – So i remember him- He was called to serve and he went. He witnessed and saw horrible things I can’t even begin to fathom. He trudged in snow, mud, rain and human misery. He brought relief to those that were being murdered because of their religious beliefs. He […]

I am so sorry for the late delay today. We just got back from the phoenix show and it has been a long time since I have been up for 22 hours straight. I am beat. What a show as well. I loved that show. I will be doing my write-up soon. It was incredible […]


The Bean 692

Good morning- Today’s update- Just prepping for Denver Comic Con. I leave tomorrow night so at the moment I am very very focused. I will be back and play nice. keep creating trav  


The Bean 694

Here is today’s update- oh it’s gonna be fun for our heroes that is for sure. It is also nice to be home. No Shows for a several weeks. The next one I am slated to do is SDCC. Well back to work I go. There is a lot of catch up to do and […]

Have an incredible 4th of July today- I will post more later- today is a nice day to spend with my family. Have a great day today Trav-


The Bean 696

Good morning- and the week before sdcc… I love this time of year. A lot of work goes into prepping for this show, and to be honest, even during all the chaos, it is still a pretty fun show. Also yes i know another transition page, but I love those pages, because it allows me […]


The Bean 697

Good morning- This will short and sweet today. Especially since this is the week of SDCC and I still have to pack for the show. I wish I could say I was being lazy but that was not the case. Anyways, cleanup on aisle 8 is the theme of today’s comic post- with a nice […]


The Bean 698

Just got back from SDCC – and I am a little tired, ok I lied I am really tired. Yet I wanted to make sure that I got this page up:). A lot of good things happened at that show. A lot of opportunities and a lot of fun. For me SDCC is one of […]

Today’s update. We met today a new player in the game. I have talked about the velumni for years and now we meet one…. Also working on several other projects at the moment- Some big things are happening. Keep creating trav  

WE HIT THE 700 PAGE MARK TODAY!!!! 700 pages of story completed. Feeling good about it. Now for the next 700 🙂 Also celebrating a fantastic day with a brand new 8 year old 🙂 makes the day a little bit brighter. keep creating trav  


The Bean 701

Today’s comic update…. A level of trust. Today’s comic we see a level of trust and still the determination to get the job done. Plus a reveal… Also getting ready for the Salt Lake Comic Con in 2+ weeks. Plus the no mercy game will be shipping this week. A lot of good things are […]


The Bean 702

Today’s update. Yes, the comic is still going strong- I have begun fleshing out the next chapter, all I can say is that the adventure is going in a wild direction. War is coming to this mining city… will our heroes be able to get out in time? Thanks again for keeping this comic going. […]


The Bean 703

New comic update today. Wohoo! Working on the next one, this week is also the Salt Lake Comic Con. I will be there as well. If you are at the show and would like a free sketch come on by and hang out… I would love to see you there. trav  

Sorry for the delayed update today. I just finished the SLCC  2016 Comic Con. We had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed meeting so many new faces and hanging out with many dear friends.  I am still traveling so I found myself trying to figure out how I was going to make this adventure […]


The Bean 705

Its a good to be home-  Nice to be with my kids and back at my desk. So i need to get back to drawing so this will be short. Thanks again for the support. trav  


The Bean 706

Sitting here in my hotel room at the Long Beach Comic Con at the moment and pondering the story of the bean. Looking at where it is going and how it is getting there. As new characters are introduced I must say I do enjoy the pull they have on the story, especially taking it […]


The Bean 707

Dreams are meant to be followed. Even when the path is rough and the way uncertain, one must continue to have faith that when they started the journey – that following through to the end would be worth it. I believe in this adventure and I am grateful for those that push and support it. […]

Good morning- I hope that everyone is having a fantastic day. New page up today. Keep being creative. trav  


The Bean 709

Today’s update is a little bit of the city. I like how it builds the world a bit more. Also I am working on the next page and I think what I will be doing is a special livestream for those of my patreon supporters to go through the whole process. Penciling and inking. This […]


The Bean 710

So today we did a private livestream on how I color and draw the bean. One of the reasons I was a little late. to be apart of these livestreams you will need to be on my patreon at the 5 pledge. We talk about a little of everything and how i approach my coloring […]


The Bean 711

Good morning- What an incredible weekend at Phoenix Fan Fest. I had a lot of Fun and hung out with some incredible people. It was a fantastic adventure, one that left me very very touched and very excited about some of the future projects I am working on. I also livestreamed the coloring process of […]


The Bean 712

Good morning and happy halloween. Welcome to today’s update. There is a lot of good things going on, alot of good things. The kickststarter is going well also, we are making some good headway. We are getting closer to the goal. If you want to be a part of it, come on and jump in. […]

Good morning- Just got back from the tucson comic con. What a fun show. I really enjoyed it. I had a really great time and I am looking forward to going back to the show. Still got the comic up on time and I am working on some incredible new stuff that needs a title […]


The Bean 714

I just got back from the Bakersfield Comic con. It was a blast- I am now headed to New Jersey Comic Con… and then I think we get a break for a little bit. Thanks for all those that came out. Also remember… No Mercy closes soon- lets see if we can make this happen. […]


The Bean 715

I just got back from the New Jersey Comic Expo.  I am a little worn down – but I was able to get the page up still on monday. I have though been up since 2:30 eastern time and I live on the west coast, so I am excited I gained 3 hours, I am […]


The Bean 716

Goooood morning. Here is today’s update. I hope you enjoy it. We are heading into the tunnels and mines of Culvers Gulch. trav


The Bean 718

Today’s update. Sometimes you just find the wrong things in a mine. Its all about to break loose. trav  

and outside the mines… live moves quietly on in Culver’s gulch…. Also Happy NEW YEAR – may this year be fantastic and wonderful. trav  

Today is a busy day because tomorrow I will be launching my newest kickstarter about Life in the party- Really jazzed about it- really really jazzed. trav  


The Bean 723

Good morning- I am tired- I have a kickstarter in full swing at the moment for another project- we are over the halfway mark on this story, but i wont launch the new bean kickstarter until we are closer. Thanks again for all the support. trav  


The Bean 724

Rest well bean – rest while you can…. Thank you again for being apart of this- Keep creating – trav  

Good morning- what an incredible week- just hope you enjoy today’s update…. adding pieces to the puzzle…   trav  


The Bean 727

Good morning- time for a bean update- I will work the edits when I get to print- I hope you are enjoying the adventure and now its time for the bean to get direction…. Keep creating   trav  


The Bean 728

Good morning- Sorry for the late update- it has been a rough week as we deal with a death in the extended family and the mess that comes with it. I will still be around and will still post pages, just my be a little quiet…. Sorry about that. Anyways keep creating and enjoy the […]

Sorry I am late- just got back from Emerald City Comic Con- What a fantastic show- really tired- but I still got it up today. Keep creating trav-


The Bean 731

Back to reality…. in both the world of the bean and in my own personal life. Nice to have a few things back to normal. I will start filming these pages once again… prob starting next week. trav  


The Bean 734

Sorry that we missed last week. My oldest daughter got married and so my week has been chaos, a good chaos though. I am back and working though and feeling good about where the adventure is going. Thank you for all your support- keep dreaming big- trav  


The Bean 736

Good morning I hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend- today’s update. – New page, new twists… Thank you for your support… trav  

Good morning- Here is today’s update. Someone has some explaining to do…. 🙂 Keep creating. trav  


The Bean 743

We will be at the amazing Las Vegas show this weekend. So if you are in the area come on down and hang out. Get some free sketches and enjoy the adventure. Keep creating trav  


The Bean 744

Just got back this morning from the Amazing Las Vegas Comicon- it was a fantastic and fun show- i am a little worn out- now onto denver Comic con this weekend… Also I love this update for some- reason- i am not sure why it might be the door. trav


The Bean 745

From one con to another – we have done a lot of traveling this year. It has been good and a lot of exciting things have happened. The comic keeps moving forward and this is a good thing. I love it’s direction. Next week is the big SDCC show- so if you have a ticket […]


The Bean 746

Sorry for the month hiatus. We had to take a break- I had SDCC, 1800 books to ship, a reception for my daughter… can’t believe my oldest married, and a few other things that needed to be taken care of. It has been a long month. Yet it allowed me to really look at the […]


The Bean 748

a little chaos this weekend coming up. I will be at dragon con and yes i feel a little mad 🙂


The Bean 752

now that the shows are done- and things have slowed down a little i can get back to my focus on the bean.  sorry for being off and on – especially with lotp being such a huge hit as well. 🙂 Running two comics- can be tough. trav  


The Bean 753

I must apologize for the delay in the comic update. I have been sick and figuring out how do I make this labor of love continue. It has been a long few months- and yes I am working on another comic which is helping me feed my family which bean does not. Yet I promised […]

The adventure continues…. I will have announcement on bean in a couple of weeks. Something very big is happening with the Bean and it’s direction. Something that will make the Bean more available to everyone else…. I am very excited about it.   I am sorry that i have been a little silent- just a […]


The Bean 755

Sorry for the wait and such. Bean has returned… Right now i will be working in Black and White to keep the story going- but I am going to be working on the beginning chapters to get the whole story colored. The key is to keep the story moving forward along with LOTP. There is […]


The Bean 756

Back in Culver’s – but things are  not boding well for our mining community. Right now my focus is once a week with bean. Hoping to make wed at the moment the prime update day. As the patreon grows and I find more time I will add more and more update days. Thanks again for […]

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